The Japanese government approved on June 16 the annual white paper prepared by the Ministry of Science and Technology that predicts the future. Among the 37 predictions that the Japanese sages have dictated for the year 2040 stand out: humans will be able to talk to our pets, we will be able to savor the food that another person takes, virtual reality will be present in a constant (and voluntary) way in our lifetime,There will be no human beings in the vast majority of heavy industries or in the construction sector, and drones will be responsible for delivering goods to homes and workplaces. 70% of the Ministry's predictions have been fulfilled since these documents began to be produced in the 1970s. In 1982, for example, Japan predicted the arrival of mobile phones. Among his unsuccessful predictions: the cure for cancer.

Japanese scientists do not anticipate what will happen in the Stock Market, but from their conclusions it is possible to extract and analyze which companies are most prepared to face the future that lies ahead. Tesla has surpassed Toyota for some days as the most valued automobile group on the planet, with a capitalization of 180,000 million dollars, double that of three months ago. Investors believe Elon Musk's electric car will lead the sector in a few years. They are growth expectations that, as always happens, may end up being successful or not. Who had the courage to invest on March 16 in some of the companies that AE analyzes in this issue?

Who could foresee two days after declaring the state of alarm the returns that three leading Spanish companies or some of the classic peas that are listed on the Spanish continuous market have offered in three months? María Hernández analyzes in this issue the values ​​that have performed best in the middle of this period, while our collaborator Josef Ajram gives us clues to some of the most international values.

Short-termism and volatility prevail in the markets in such an extraordinary way that one day is enough to generate considerable variations in the values ​​and the main indexes. An acquaintance I met by chance asked me after a brief greeting if it was worth buying a technology fund from the BlackRock manager . In her family, she told me, they have a six-digit wealth, part of which is dedicated to investing in the equity markets. When faced with these questions, there are only three pieces of advice: look at the past returns numbers of the fund in question comparing them to similar ones, talk to your specialized banker (if you have one) and read the economic press.

Today, it is as impossible to predict what will happen in the markets as what will happen to the virus and the potential drugs that can eliminate it. The governor of the Federal Reserve , Jay Powell, warned repeatedly of the uncertainties prevailing on the American and world economy. Caution is part of the message of any economic and political authority. To say otherwise would be to fall into irresponsibility. We will be in debt for ever and ever. What effects will it have? Multiple scenarios. Barry Eichengreen, one of the leading scholars in the history of finance, does not shy away from the main message: We lack precedent to estimate what may happen in the coming months, even years. In the longer term, the Japanese have it a little more. Clear. Being able to have a conversation with our pets will always have its grace. And energy companies, as the CEO says in this issue Endesa , José Bogas , also see it clear: green energy. Does anyone discuss it?

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