The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has publicly closed the door to the loan of the European Investment Bank (EIB) of 320 million to Murcia to recover the Mar Menor and other areas devastated by the cold drop. " Murcia makes a flight forward no matter how their public accounts are, it has to stabilize them," said the minister in the Public Mirror program of Antena 3. The minister has assured that the Murcian community "has a very high deficit" and late payment with its suppliers, so it does not authorize borrowing operations, because it has to act "within the authorized parameters". "You can not borrow more," he stressed without giving time for a financing alternative so that he can correct the ravages of last year's catastrophe.

Montero has thus stepped up to the information in this newspaper that the EIB has already granted 300 million to Italy for the cold drop, but zero euros to Spain for the lack of response from the Ministry of Finance to the request of the Government of Murcia.

The president of the Community of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, has assured in his twitter account that "the abuse of the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez to Murcia has no limits" and has insisted that he has "preconceived the EIB loan" that no It is made effective by the rejection of the Ministry. The Murcian Government does not deny that it goes beyond its debt parameters, but emphasizes that the Stability Law makes exceptions in case of catastrophes such as the one that hit its region with the cold drop. Vox, on the other hand, has presented a non-law proposal in which it calls for "measure to guarantee the sustainability of the Mar Menor environment" and that Montero be "immediately ceased" due to the abandonment of duties.

In her statements on Wednesday, the Minister of Finance has also launched this reflection in clear allusion to Murcia, Madrid and other communities governed by the Popular Party: "It is not understood that there are communities that ask for more resources from the State and lower taxes in parallel ".

The minister has also closed the door to pay 2.5 billion of a VAT settlement corresponding to 2017, as claimed by the autonomous governments of every sign, also the PSOE, under threat of going to court. "I am a rock for threats," it has been planted, although it has opened up to study "palliative measures" at the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council.

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