New post by Hiroya Masuda, President of Japan Post, Dec. 28, 4:52 at Skills Asked for Elucidation of the Whole Picture and Prevention of Recurrence

Japan Post Group announced on May 27 that the top three Group companies will resign in response to severe administrative sanctions from the Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications due to improper sales of Japan Post Insurance. Former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Hiroya Masuda, who has been replaced, will be challenged immediately to restore trust.

The FSA and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications issued an administrative penalty on July 27, ordering that the insurance sales business be suspended for three months because of a serious problem with its internal management system.

This is the first time that the Japan Post Group has been ordered to suspend operations after it was privatized in 2007, and this is a form of urgent reform.

In response to this, the company side held a press conference and officially announced that Japan Post's President Masato Nagato, Japan Post's president Kunio Yokoyama, who is responsible for insurance sales, and Japan Post's President Mitsuhiko Uehira will resign on 5th of next month. , Which led to the resignation of a large group of 420,000 employees.

Former president of Japan Post, Hiroya Masuda, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, will be appointed next month.

Mr. Masuda has also served as chairman of the postal privatization committee of the government, and is familiar with postal services.

On the other hand, at a press conference on the 27th, the company side clarified the whole problem, such as `` I recognize that there are inappropriate sales other than 183,000 cases currently being investigated in detail '' I can't say that.

Mr. Masuda and other new management team have swiftly clarified the whole picture and proceeded with customer response, and at the same time implemented measures to prevent recurrence The heavy task of tackling it will promptly challenge your skills.