In the meat scandal surrounding the company Wilke, the Hessian Ministry of Consumer Protection sees significant failures in the responsible for food control district. This is clear from the final report, presented by Minister Priska Hinz (Greens). Accordingly, the North Hessian sausage manufacturer would have actually twelve times a year must be controlled by the district Waldeck-Frankenberg. "Due to a mistake in the district, Wilke has been reduced to a three-month inspection interval," the report said.

According to the ministry this was not the only mistake: For example, a company size like Wilke requires a regular check of all operating rooms. "The submitted control reports from 2018 state that controls have only taken place in different areas of the company, and serious deficiencies are not mentioned in these reports."

At the beginning of October, authorities closed the northern Hessian meat producer Wilke. Previously Listeria germs had been discovered several times in products. They can be life-threatening if the immune system is weakened. Three deaths and 37 illnesses have been linked to Wilke products. The public prosecutor Kassel determines because of negligent killing against the managing director.

Hinz reiterated her announcement that it would take consequences, including improving food security through three additional ministry posts and eight regional councils.