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Former WTO Commissioner “Focus on Facts of Lack of Proper Trade Control” | NHK News


“Subcommittee, Japan-Korea Trade Dispute over the WTO = World Trade Organization Court ...

Former WTO committee member "Focus on showing negligence in proper trade management" October 11, 6:59

What is the issue when the Japanese-Korea trade dispute over the strict export control of the three items for South Korea by the Japanese government advances to the “subcommittee” which is the court of the World Trade Organization? Is not it. Prof. Peter van den Bosch of the University of Bern, Switzerland, who has served as a member of the WTO “Judge”, is a Korean company to accept Japanese claims that security concerns are the reason. The view is that the main focus is on demonstrating the failure of proper trade management.

Prof. Van den Bosch served as a judge on the “High Commission”, the second trial of the WTO dispute resolution agency, for the past eight years.

Regarding the stricter export control in Japan, the Korean government has complained that it violates the prohibition of discrimination and the restriction of quantity between the member states stipulated in GATT = “General Agreement on Customs and Trade”.

In this regard, Professor Van den Bosch said that there are countries other than Korea that have received preferential treatment to simplify the examination procedure for the export of three items from Japan. “It is not difficult to prove that it violates the rules we have established.”

In addition, South Korea ’s claim that Japan ’s measures are based on political motives related to the “recruitment” trials during the Pacific War, It ’s not, ”he said, in the hearing, the view that the rules are more important than the background.

On the other hand, Japan argues that there are security concerns about tightening export controls for Korea. Although raw materials such as semiconductors exported to South Korea can be diverted to military use, incidents inappropriate for Korean trade management have been found, and security concerns are clear and do not violate the rules It is said.

In this regard, Professor Van Den Bosch stated that “Japan will make a claim based on the GATT provisions that would allow exceptions for security purposes”.

On top of that, among the WTO member countries, there is concern that this provision will be used easily and trade exceptions will increase. It is extremely important to show the fact that Korean companies like that have neglected proper management. "

However, since the US, which is dissatisfied with the WTO, refuses to approve the new members in the second committee, there is a growing risk that it will stop functioning in December.

Van Den Bosch said, “The sub-committee will make a decision after next year. If either Japan or Korea does not accept the decision, it will not be able to hold the second trial. Anyway, there is a risk that the final judgment that is legally binding may not be obtained. " Shows.

Source: nhk

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