• 2017. Up to 3,000 euros a year difference between the most expensive and cheapest 'super', according to OCU
  • 2017.Supersol, the only supermarket chain in Spain that has lowered prices

The choice of the supermarket where you make the purchase can mean the consumer a saving of 1,063 euros on average, depending on where you live. It is the chasm between filling your fridge in chains such as Alcampo or Dani, which are the cheapest in the country, or doing so in Sánchez Romero, which is the most expensive.

This is revealed by the annual survey made by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) about the cost of the shopping cart. The organization evaluates what the consumer has to pay in each supermarket if he makes a basic purchase.

Half of the chains analyzed by the organization have lowered prices this year. They are Gadis (-2.7%), Alcampo (-2.5%) and Alimerka (-2%). There are others that have risen, such as Carrefour (2.8%), Supersol (2.5%), Carrefour Market (2%) and Eroski City (1.8%).

In addition, for the first time Alcampo relieves Mercadona as the cheapest option to make the purchase in Spain in 31 cities. "Alcampo has surpassed Mercadona because this year it has stood out for lowering prices, while Mercadona has raised them and there has been an exchange of papers," said the technical head of the study, Miguel Ángel Pascual.

Super richest

The price gap between supermarkets this year is 12.3% larger than last year, because prices between different establishments are much more different.

For example, if the consumer makes his purchase in Alcobendas, in Madrid, he can save 3,554 euros (because there are very expensive supermarkets and other very cheap ones), while in Marbella, Malaga, the possible saving is 207 euros, given that the chains They handle more similar prices.

As every year, OCU has analyzed 184,126 prices in 1,225 supermarkets , hypermarkets and discount stores spread over 65 cities, in addition to the internet.

The Alcampo de Coia hypermarket in Vigo (Pontevedra) is, of all those visited by OCU, the one with the most economical shopping basket, while the three Sánchez Romero supermarkets in Madrid and Alcobendas are the most expensive.

The chains with national implantation with better prices are Alcampo, Supeco and Mercadona. Locally, they are Dani and Vidal. The most expensive are Sánchez Romero, Suma and Ulabox.

The cities where to make that type purchase is cheaper are Almeria, Ciudad Real, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Palencia, Puertollano (Ciudad Real), Vigo (Pontevedra) and Zamora, opposite Barcelona and Palma, which are listed as the most faces.

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