Toyota 5 car malfunctions such as fuel pump more than 520,000 recall September 19 16:46

Toyota found problems with fuel pumps and seats in five models, including Voxy and Noah, and reported over 520,000 recalls to the country.

The target of the recall is Toyota's wagon car, "Voxy", "Noah", "Esquire", "Alphad", and "Vellfire".

The production period varies depending on the model, but is from December 2013 to July last year.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, these five models are improperly assembled with the motor parts that operate the fuel pump. In the worst case, the fuel cannot be sent and the engine may not operate.

In addition, the three models of "Voxy", "Noah", and "Esquire" have a problem in the shape of the parts that adjust the angle of the driver and passenger seats. It means that there is a risk.

It means that there have been no reports of accidents so far, but 132 such troubles have been reported nationwide.

Toyota will notify the target people by direct mail etc. from 20th and will accept repairs free of charge at dealers nationwide.