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One month before consumption tax increase Matsue, a ticket vending machine that supports “takeout” and “in-store dining” | NHK News


While less than one month until the consumption tax rate is raised to 10%, restaurants in Matsue City will be divided into tax rates for take-away and in-store dining by introducing reduced tax rates ...

1 month before the consumption tax hike Matsue September 2, 18:22

While less than one month until the consumption tax rate is raised to 10%, restaurants in Matsue City will introduce a reduced-tax rate, and the tax rate will be divided between take-away and in-store eating and drinking. We are proceeding with preparations.

With the increase in the consumption tax rate, a “reduced tax rate” has been introduced that will leave the tax rate at 8% only for food and drinks excluding liquor. If the same food is taken away, the tax rate will be 8%. It is considered “dining out” and the tax rate is 10%.

Matsue City's “Taku Shokudo” offers about 40 menus such as set meals and prepared dishes, and you can take home items such as “tonkatsu” and “karaage”.

Until now, the price was displayed in the paper menu table at the store, but after the tax increase, the tax rate is divided even for the same product, so we introduced a new ticket machine.

With this ticket vending machine, you can choose from two buttons, “For in-store dining” and “For take-away”, which are now displayed at the same price. We decide to reflect on the display after deciding on a reasonable price.

Noboru Kawabata, representative of Taku Shokudo, said, “We introduced it in anticipation of a tax increase from October. I want to respond to customers without inconvenience.”

Preparation in the suburbs ... Voice hesitated from the elderly

Preparations for raising the consumption tax have begun in the suburbs.

A new cash register corresponding to the reduced tax rate will be introduced at Michi-no-Eki Station in Nanatsujuku-machi in the southern part of Miyagi Prefecture. On this day, store employees were taught how to operate the cash register from the manufacturer's staff.

The store is also considering the introduction of necessary terminals in order to make use of the cashless payment point return system implemented in line with the tax increase.

In addition, at stores that make charcoal in the mountainous area or sell confectionery that incorporates charcoal, we have just introduced a cashless payment service, and on this day we have a QR code for payment at the storefront. It was.

Mitsuo Sato, who runs this store, said, “Since there are many ski resorts nearby and young people come from outside the town, I thought it would be better to introduce cashless payment in order to expand sales. "

According to the town, five shops in the town have already introduced cashless payment.

However, the aging rate in Shichikashuku is the highest in the prefecture at 46.3%. For this reason, the elderly who are not used to cashless payments were hesitant to use it.

A 79-year-old woman said, “I heard about cashless payment at a convenience store in town, but I wasn't sure.

Also, an 81-year-old man said, “I don't intend to make cashless payments now because I have only used cash so far. I was talking.

Source: nhk

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