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Singer Cat Janice: Her family posted this photo on the occasion of her death

Photo: Instagram / cat.janices

Cat Janice is dead. Her family announced this on the singer's Instagram account on Wednesday.

Janice was 31 years old.

In 2022 she was diagnosed with a tumor in the form of a so-called sarcoma.

"Hey guys, I got the terrible news that cancer won," Janice said in a TikTok post in January.

“I fought hard, but sarcomas are too strong.” The American wrote that her “final joy” would be if her followers streamed her new and final song “Dance You Outta My Head,” “because all proceeds go directly to her my 7-year-old son, whom I leave behind.”

Janice released the song independently of the label she otherwise worked with.

An overlay in the video also said that she had “switched all of her music to her son.”

According to media reports, what this means is that even with older songs, the income that Janice has received so far should end up with him.

The clip, which showed her wearing an oxygen mask in a hospital bed, ended with the words "See you in heaven."

The Instagram post about the singer's death says that the family is "infinitely grateful for the great love" they have experienced in the past few months.

Her brother will take care of her music, merchandising and public relations in the future.

Her latest clips garnered millions of views

Janice released her first songs in the mid-2010s.

Over the years, a considerable fan base had built up on social media, with almost 500,000 followers on Instagram and around 1.9 million followers on TikTok.

After her diagnosis, she shared her therapy with her community on both platforms with photo and video postings (here is an example from Instagram).

On TikTok, many of her recent posts achieved views in the double-digit million range.

Janice also discussed her situation in a song called “Wishing I Was You,” and she can be seen with her son in the music video.

Janice's request to spread "Dance You Outta My Head" was more than fulfilled by her TikTok followers: in mid-February, the song reached number one on the so-called TikTok Billboard 50, a US-based list of the most successful songs on the platform.

And even now, after her death, it appears in many clips with which users say goodbye to her.

According to TikTok's figures, the song has been used in around 2.5 million videos in the past few weeks.