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Screenshot from the trailer for “GTA VI”: Some Rockstar Games employees will soon be commuting more

Photo: Rockstar Games / YouTube

Rockstar Games wants to go back to the full house: As Bloomberg author Jason Schreier, who is well connected in the industry, reports, the games company is asking its developers to come back to the office from April - for five days a week.

Schreier's report refers to an internal email.

Jenn Kolbe, Head of Publishing at Rockstar Games, is said to have explained that the decision was made for productivity and security reasons.

It is unusual for a games company to want to order its teams back to the office for five days.

Since the Corona crisis at the latest, most companies have been relying on a mix of office and home work.

Rockstar Games is currently working on “Grand Theft Auto VI,” or “GTA VI” for short.

The game, whose predecessor “GTA V” is one of the most successful video games ever, is scheduled to come onto the market in 2025.

The first official trailer was released in December, but there had previously been leaks in the form of video material.

And the trailer had already appeared online a day before the originally planned release date.

Apparently the employees are “not enthusiastic”

According to the Bloomberg report, Kolbe emphasized in her email that working on site offers “tangible benefits” for Rockstar Games.

"Making these changes now will put us in the best position to deliver the next 'Grand Theft Auto' at the level of quality and polish necessary," the message said.

In a posting on

He also emphasizes: "Obviously this is about a complete return to the office - at a time when many other companies are relying on remote or hybrid work."

Rockstar Games has long had a reputation in the industry for making excellent games while also demanding a lot from its employees, for example in terms of working hours.

On Reddit, a user commented on the message about the five days a week: "Then the other two days they work from home."