Updated Thursday, February 29, 2024-12:22

It is one of the restaurants most mentioned in the media in recent hours, and not precisely because of its culinary proposals, but because it is the setting for the meetings of those involved in the 'Koldo Case'.

According to the most recent information,

La Chalana

(Santo Domingo de Silos, 6), a well-known Asturian seafood restaurant specializing in Cantabrian products, was a meeting place in the capital between Koldo, the former advisor of José Luis Ábalos, and the former Minister of Transport and former PSOE deputy last January.


Asturian restaurant group,

founded by businessman Carlos Suárez, has two locations in Madrid (and another two in the Principality, in Avilés and Siero).

In addition to the one mentioned in the Bernabéu area, in whose private room the meetings between several defendants in the case took place, and another one that recently opened barely four months ago

in the Barceló market


Specialized in Asturian and Cantabrian cuisine, meats, fish and seafood, La Chalana boasts the

careful selection of its product.

Faithful to the seafaring tradition, among their specialties are grilled fish and seafood, stews, soupy rice dishes and, of course, seafood, which they serve grilled, with salt water or with olive oil.

There is no shortage of bugre-lobster or Cantabrian lobster 1 kg (grilled, boiled or with vegetables), clams marinated or grilled, grilled scallops, spider crab, mussels, prawns... Veal Asturian cuisine also plays a leading role on the menu, from the grilled entrecôte or Cabrales to the cachopo, a tribute to the Asturian land.

According to sources from the brand, between 200 and 300 people have lunch or dinner in any of the restaurants in La Chalana at prices ranging "from 9 euros."

Among the most popular dishes are the Chalana and the Chalanón of seafood, large platters that include a crab, a gnocla-beef, prawns, andaricas-nécoras, crayfish, red prawn, mussels and periwinkles, accompanied by five sauces (mayonnaise, spicy, kimchi, tartar and vinaigrette) ideal for two or three people (from 55 euros).

In the restaurant on Santo Domingo de Silos street there are two different areas: the dining room and the bar.

It is in the latter (reservations are not accepted), where you can enjoy both the gastronomic days that are organized every month and the menu of the day:

Chigre Menu

(a spider crab, gratin scallops, a dozen boiled white prawns, blue cheese "campillo" leaves with sweet apple, a bottle of Pecado del Paraíso brut cider or two bottles of Trabanco cider, for 19 euros (for two people, that is, 9.50 euros each).

These days the Centollo day is having a lot of success.

For 6 euros, diners can eat a crab accompanied by a bottle of Trabanco cider.

Other current

gastronomic events



(with a menu for 60 euros) or

Cantabrian Lobster

(98 euros).

"Here people can eat for a price from 10 euros to 300 or more for a seafood platter. We are not an exclusive or elitist restaurant," they say from La Chalana.

The Barceló market

The group's latest bet has been in the

Barceló market

(Barceló, 6), where a huge store of more than 400 square meters was inaugurated last October.

There, as in the restaurant, the product is also king.

Fish (from jig squid and grilled or baked sea bass to viceroy and pixín), seafood (from squid to lobster) from the Cantabrian Sea, different cuts of meat, stews and seafood rice are part of its great gastronomic offer of the space that includes a cetarea of ​​live seafood.

They also have menus that change every 15 days for 19 euros (at the bar), 58 and 85 euros, all for two people.