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Satellite launch on Thursday from the Vostochnyin cosmodrome

Photo: Roscosmos / AP

Russia had already launched an Iranian satellite into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in 2022 - this is just one example of the increased cooperation between the two countries.

Now another Iranian satellite has launched from Russia: The Pars-1 research satellite, equipped with cameras, was placed into orbit from the Russian Vostochnyin spaceport to an altitude of 500 kilometers, Iranian state media reported on Thursday.

Accordingly, a Russian Soyuz launch vehicle was used for this.

According to Russian information, the most important cargo on board the Soyuz was a new type of weather satellite.

The satellite will scan the topography of Iran from its 500-kilometer orbit.

The Islamic Republic has already launched several satellites into space to collect data on weather, natural disasters and agriculture.

In the past, the country emphasized that it was not pursuing military goals.

According to Iranian information, the Pars-1 satellite is equipped with modern technology, including three cameras with infrared and thermal imaging functions.

ccccc "Our current domestic launch bases are not yet capable of launching satellites with the correct inclination for a sun-synchronous orbit, so we are using a Russian launch base," Iranian Information and Communications Minister Issa Sarepur said on state television.

It was only in January that Iran's Revolutionary Guards reported a successful satellite launch from Iranian soil.