Aviva Fried / Photo credits: JAKUB PORZYCKI / NURPHOTO / NURPHOTO VIA AFP 8:40 a.m., February 29, 2024

Black-skinned Nazi soldiers, the pope imagined as a woman... Users of the artificial intelligence application Gemini, launched by Google, have pointed out certain inaccurate creations, particularly in terms of gender and origin, appearing to underrepresent white people.

“This is completely unacceptable, we have it all wrong.”

These are the words that Google CEO Sundar Pichai described the setbacks of Gemini, the artificial intelligence launched by the Internet giant.

In the crosshairs: its image generator.

Black-skinned Nazi soldiers, the pope imagined as a woman... The content created by Gemini seems to be guided by woke prejudices.


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The Pope becomes a woman of Asian origin

If in the past artificial intelligences have been accused of favoring the representation of white men, Gemini seems to have corrected the situation a little too much.

A query on a German soldier from 1943, for example, resulted in images of Asian or black-skinned soldiers.

According to Gemini, America's founding fathers were all minorities.

As for the pope, she became a woman of Asian origin.

Outcry at this search for diversity at all costs which is not a coincidence, according to Michael Fertik, boss of the investment fund Heroic Ventures, interviewed by CNBC.

“We teach these models to think. And it’s done via political commissioners who are employed by the bureaucracy of these big companies who control it and who push a certain vision,” he says.

Google pleads the bug

Google is pleading the bug and has discontinued Gemini's image services.

But for ultra-conservatives, it is confirmation that the woke companies of Silicon Valley seek to influence the thinking of their users.

An American senator, close to Donald Trump, has also called for Google to be dismantled.