Updated Thursday, February 29, 2024-00:31

WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging platform, has announced

another major update

that promises to significantly improve the user experience in the



The new feature, now available on iPhone and Android devices, allows you to search for messages by specific date within any chat, whether individual or group.

This improvement, which has been requested by users of both platforms for years, comes to make it easier to locate old conversations, offering a practical tool to access relevant information quickly and efficiently.

In this way, the app owned by Meta seeks to facilitate the search for information as much as possible, thus avoiding having to navigate a sea of ​​conversations.

A search that also involved saturating the phone's memory, as old messages were loaded, even causing the app to hang.

Wasting the time of the user who could not load all the messages.

Search by date differs from conventional searches in that it does not focus on finding keywords, but rather redirects the user to the message flow of a selected date.

For example, when you choose May 18, 2017, the app displays all messages exchanged on that specific date, making it simpler to find

past conversations without having to manually scroll through the entire history.

How to search WhatsApp messages by date

To access this function, it is as easy as opening WhatsApp and selecting the desired chat.

Next, tapping the three dots in the top right corner and choosing the “Search” option.

Starting with the last update of the app, next to the search rectangle, on the right, a calendar-shaped icon will appear with a magnifying glass above it. When you press this icon, a calendar will be displayed that allows you to select the date of interest.

Once the date is chosen and the selection is confirmed, the application redirects the user to the messages for that specific day.

According to the app, the oldest messages that can be consulted, that is,

the oldest date that can be chosen is January 1, 1900,

109 years before the invention of WhatsApp itself and 82 years before it was created. Internet.

A feat that is actually nothing more than a matter of design, although testing this new function it is true that the search for messages can go back quite a bit in time, most of them tend to stay in the year 2017 although in the chat itself there are messages from previous years.

This update is part of a series of improvements that WhatsApp has implemented to offer a more intuitive and functional experience.

In cases where the search by date feature is not available,

it is recommended to check and update the app to the latest version

through the Play Store or App Store, as the availability of this feature may vary depending on the region and device , and even the update, which may happen that it has not been implemented and has to be done by hand.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, WhatsApp's parent company, has highlighted this feature as a step forward in the evolution of the application.

Although it could be considered

a minor improvement compared to other previous updates,

its usefulness is indisputable, especially for those users who handle a considerable volume of messages and need an efficient method to review past conversations.

The ability to search for messages by date joins other recently introduced features, such as sending messages to users without having to have a WhatsApp account, thanks to the support of third-party applications.

Also other new features such as

new options for organizing and writing messages.

These include commands to create bulleted lists, numbered lists, block quotes, and inline codes, facilitating communication in both personal and professional contexts.