William Molinié / Photo credit: Loïc Venance/AFP 11:21 a.m., February 27, 2024

While the main suspect in the Eric Masson murder case admitted before the Vaucluse Assize Court to being behind the shooting, his sentence has not yet been announced.

A highly anticipated verdict since it will depend on whether or not the murderer was aware that it was a police officer.

Confessions that could change everything.

Thunderclap in the trial of Éric Masson, this police officer killed at a deal point in the city center of Avignon in May 2021. The main suspect, Ilias Akoudad, admitted before the Vaucluse Assize Court to being at the origin of the shooting and now faces a life sentence.

However, this encouraged sentence could be reduced, since Ilias Akoudad admittedly admitted to being the author of the shot, without however declaring that he was aware that he was speaking to a member of the police.

A nuance which is very important, especially for the defense which could use it as a tactic.


- Murder of police officer Éric Masson: “Yes, it was me who shot,” Ilias Akoudad finally admits

A legal subtlety that could change everything

And for good reason, if the Assize Court accepted this version, this strategy would allow it to remove the aggravating circumstance that the murder was committed against a person holding public authority.

An encouraged sentence which would then increase from life imprisonment to 30 years in prison.

It's a legal technicality but he could then benefit from a reduction in his sentence of up to half the sentence given if he behaves well behind bars.

It is still necessary for the jurors to give credence to the words of this accused, already convicted six times, notably for drug trafficking.

How could he ignore the police quality of Eric Masson?

While according to the brigadier's colleagues, the latter wore his armband in his hand.

And another investigator shouted “Police” twice to identify himself.

Honest and sincere confession or defensive maneuver to lighten the sentence?

The verdict of the jurors of the Assize Court must be pronounced at the end of the week.