Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-17:14

  • Cristina Oria "My Friday plan right now is to go to the movies and eat a hamburger with my children"

The establishments that Cristina Oria had opened in San Sebastián

have not suffered the same fate

as her gourmet temples in Madrid.

According to

El Diario Vasco


both the restaurant and the store

that opened in the Gipuzkoa capital are closing their doors after a year.

"Despite the warm welcome from our clients and having been able to create a unique space in the city,

we have not been able to create the team we wanted

. We have sought to form a team that reflects our values ​​with service and customer attention. as banners," Cristina Oria acknowledged in the aforementioned newspaper, officially transmitting the closure of the establishment to the workers.

The end of this adventure - where its roots are - has not been as expected, but Oria wanted to "thank the entire wonderful city of San Sebastián for the great reception. Although the decision to close CO San Sebastián has been difficult, and above all sad, we firmly believe that concentrating on our future projects and

strengthening the current ones in Madrid

will allow us to create an increasingly special and unique universe.

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