Ángel Jiménez from Luis USA


Updated Monday, February 26, 2024-15:31

  • Ring Samsung will launch a smart ring this year

Last January, Samsung, after presenting the new range of Galaxy S mobile phones, showed a small preview of a new product for this family of devices: a smart ring full of sensors capable of collecting information very similar to that obtained by watches. like the

Galaxy Watch or the Apple Watch


Now, behind closed doors and during the Mobile World Congress, the company has advanced some additional details of the product, which will be known as

Galaxy Ring.

It is a conventional-looking ring, although somewhat thick, with an interior face full of sensors.

When worn, it tracks sleep, heart rate, daily activity, fertility cycle and breathing.

With this data, it provides

advice to lead a healthier life

, as smart watches and bracelets already do with the data collected.

These types of smart rings are not a new idea.

Companies like

Oura or Evie

have been selling them for years, but they are small brands with very limited distribution.

The arrival of Samsung to this same market could make its popularity increase considerably.

This same week the Bloomberg publication announced that Apple is also considering manufacturing a similar device.

Sources internal to the company clarified to the publication, however, that it is still a project that has not received approval from the top management to begin the experimentation phase.

The main attraction of the product is that it allows you to carry some of the sensors that smart watches normally have, but in a

more discreet format

and freeing up the wrist for those people who prefer not to wear a watch or prefer a conventional one.

They are also more convenient when measuring sleep quality.

Samsung, in any case, has confirmed that it will be possible to use the Galaxy Ring together with a Galaxy Watch smartwatch.

With both devices the different measurements of physical activity

will be more accurate


The device will be available in eight different sizes and three colors.

Samsung has not yet announced a price or exact availability date, although it is expected to hit stores in the second half of the year.