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Updated Sunday, February 25, 2024-01:24

They told you that you would emerge from the pandemic stronger.

What they didn't tell you is that

some would come out richer.

In a fantasy that we did not see coming, the most feminist Government in history appointed

a brothel doorman as an advisor.

While the Spaniards remained confined, stocking up on toilet paper and awaiting the guidelines of a committee of experts that never existed,

good old Koldo went from a turnover of 0 euros to 53 million.

There are people who are at another level.

The Government of

Pedro Sánchez

has not had a very good week: to


we must add the

electoral setback in Galicia

and the president has forgotten to congratulate

Ilia Topuria

for her recent world championship in the UFC.

I know it's difficult to find any connection, but, thanks to the latter,

Ignatius Farray

has ended up becoming a Trending Topic.

By the way, I inform some clueless tweeters: Ignatius does not have children.

And he's funny.

We are always with the ax in hand.

On the one hand, we complain about ageism, which is criticizing people based on their age.

On the other hand, Dani Martín dedicates a jokey song to Ester Expósito and everyone runs to lynch him because he is a few years older than her.

Of all the criticism received by the singer, my favorite is that of Dani Mateo, who is dating a Russian model 15 years younger.

Here I leave you what I thought were the best tweets of the week.

And let everyone sing to whoever they want.