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iPhone in the rice warehouse: Warning from Apple

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Rice is indispensable as a valuable food in many parts of the world. In many households, its ability to absorb moisture is also highly valued. This is particularly worrying for manufacturers of high-tech electronics. The US computer company Apple recently issued another urgent warning against storing wet iPhones in rice beds. Because that could increase potential damage in an emergency.

In a recently published support document, Apple points out that in such cases small rice particles could enter the iPhone. Although the authors of the text do not go into further detail, you can easily deduce the consequences yourself. Although rice can absorb a certain amount of moisture, the water also makes it sticky and swells. Of course, this also applies to small particles that could possibly penetrate the affected device. That's why electronics experts tend to recommend silica gel, among other things.

Patience – and a well-ventilated place

In its dossier, Apple also advises against other known tricks, such as using a heat source or cotton swabs that could be inserted into the openings. The warning about the rice bed now even found its way into “Macworld”.

According to the experts' experience, the rice hack works measurably worse than if you simply let the iPhone dry on a counter. Time is of the essence in such situations because the most important thing is to prevent the water from damaging the electronics inside the phone.

As an alternative, Apple recommends its users some alternative solutions, which, however, don't sound surprising: You should unplug the device and wait until it is completely dry. Any liquid that has penetrated should be shaken out by tapping gently. A dry place with good ventilation is also a good option.

After an extended drying period, you should try to charge the iPhone. If there is still moisture in the device, a warning message appears on the display. Then only patience will help – or an (expensive) repair by a specialist.