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Mercedes-AMG EQS: In Germany, more than 37,000 vehicles are probably affected by the recall

Photo: Pond5 Images / IMAGO

Mercedes-Benz has recalled around 250,000 vehicles worldwide. A spokesman for the car manufacturer confirmed the recall, which the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) had previously published in a database.

According to KBA, the AMG GT, C-Class, CLE, E-Class, EQE, EQS, GLC, S-Class and SL models from 2023 are affected. In Germany there are probably more than 37,000 vehicles.

According to the spokesman, certain fuses may not meet the requirements. According to KBA, this can cause the engine to fail, among other things. A fire risk cannot be ruled out.

As a precautionary measure, certain parts of the affected vehicles would be replaced, the Mercedes spokesman said. The planned workshop stay will take between two and five and a half hours, depending on the equipment. The work is free for customers.