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Babboe cargo bikes in Munich


Wolfgang Maria Weber / IMAGO

The Dutch bicycle brand Babboe is no longer allowed to sell cargo bikes in the Netherlands for safety reasons. This was announced by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). According to its own information, Babboe is the world's number one when it comes to cargo bikes. The company's vehicles are particularly popular with families.

According to the authority, an investigation was initiated at the end of 2023 and there were several indications of frame breakages on the brand's cargo bikes. An investigation has shown that the frame could break on several types of cargo bikes. The authorities warned of serious injuries, especially in heavy traffic.

They are even examining criminal investigations together with the public prosecutor's office. Babboe, which belongs to the Accell bicycle company, is said to have known about the tips, but neither followed up on them nor forwarded the tips to the authorities. However, that was the manufacturer's duty.

Recall of several models

The authority's report speaks of "serious security risks." Babboe will only be allowed to sell cargo bikes again once their safety has been sufficiently proven. This requires complete technical documentation, they say. Until then, the authority ordered the manufacturer to recall eight models and their submodels:

  • Babboe City/ City-E/ City Mountain

  • Babboe Curve/ Curve-E/ Curve Mountain

  • Babboe Big/Big E

  • Babboe Dog/Dog-E

  • Babboe Max E

  • Babboe Mini-E/Mini Mountain

  • Babboe Pro Trike/ Trike-E/ Trike XL

  • Babboe Carve-E/ Carve Mountain

Babboe announced on its Dutch website that it would have to stop selling the models. They are working with the NVWA “to ensure that the required information is submitted as quickly as possible so that sales can be resumed.” Discussions are also being held with the NVWA regarding recalls for certain models.

It is not clear to what extent the sales ban and recalls also apply to other countries such as Germany. Accell initially left a SPIEGEL query about this unanswered. In its communication, the NVWA announced that it would inform the supervisory authorities in the other EU member states about the safety risks via the European Safety Gate signaling system.