Europe 1 with AFP 11:36 a.m., February 12, 2024

Three people died this Monday after being struck down by a car in Steenbecque, in the North. A fourth person was transported to Lille University Hospital with a life-threatening condition. The driver of the vehicle, placed in police custody, fell asleep at the wheel, according to the first elements of the investigation.

Three people died on Monday in a road accident, struck down by a car in Steenbecque, in the North, while they were hiking, we learned from the sub-prefect of Dunkirk, François-Xavier Bieuville. A fourth person, whose vital prognosis is in jeopardy but whose condition is stabilized, was transported to the Lille University Hospital, he added, confirming information from

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The driver fell asleep

“According to initial information, a light passenger vehicle swerved at the exit of the village,” he detailed. The driver “lost control of the vehicle”, which “hit four people on the sidewalk who were going for a hike”.

The driver was taken into custody. According to his first statements, he fell asleep at the wheel, continued François-Xavier Bieuville, specifying that he was not a priori in a state of drunkenness.