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For some it is a more commercial than sentimental date, but for others Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate an evening with that special person. We propose some restaurants to indulge in on Valentine's Day...


This emblematic gastronomic temple is, they themselves assure, "the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening with the person you love most. Both for its staging and decoration, as well as for the attentive service and its unbeatable gastronomic quality, within genuine recipes based on French culinary tradition". For the night of love, they propose choosing from their menu the dishes that the couple most craves, and to accompany them with a sparkling wine chosen by sommelier Raúl Miguel


, 2023 National Gastronomy Award winner, "since bubbles are always linked to celebrations, such as Laurent-Perrier Blanc de Blancs".

Where: Álvarez de Baena, 4. Tel. 91 1401414. Price: from €60.


This Mexican restaurant does not want to ignore the date, creating a special menu with Aztec dishes as the protagonists. Chef

Helena Doval

, who prepares fresh and tasty cuisine "with Spanish hints in some of her recipes", includes at dinner her delicious cochinita pibil croquettes, Shepherd's Wanton with pineapple jam and Tajín and Mini Garlic Prawn Salad , chipotle mayo and crispy fried cacha as appetizers, to choose a starter between grilled turbot, green tomatillo and wok vegetables or beef rib with chili lacquer and smoked in olive sawdust. To sweeten the night, a tres leches cake. And, of course, all accompanied by delicious tequilas, mezcals or Margaritas.

Where: Paseo de la Castellana, 105. Madrid. Tel. 910 10 42 33. Price: €50.


This central hotel extends Valentine's Day to the 'Month of Love' with a series of exclusive and relaxing experiences to enjoy as a couple during February. A very romantic month in which gastronomy also has its place, with a very special lunch or dinner in your

Ruinart alpine chalet

, which will begin with a charcuterie board featuring Black Forest ham, a fondue or the Veal Wiener Schnitzel and the classic Apfel Strudel that will be heart-shaped. As an accompaniment, a glass of Ruinart Rosé and a bottle of Godello or Ribera del Duero.

Where: Paseo de la Castellana, 22. Tel. 91 587 12 34. Price: €125.


Experts in good wine, they offer a delicious pairing dinner with live music for Valentine's Day.

Pilar Oltra

, owner of the space, explains that "we want to make a magical, and above all romantic, night, where the couple is the real star of the evening." There will not be a special menu, but rather it consists of choosing dishes from the menu, highlighting some of them that marinate perfectly with the wines of the night, such as confit leek with romesco sauce and extra virgin olive oil; Ratatouille with vegetables from the Navarra garden, egg yolk and ham jowl, a red tuna tartare marinated with citrus fruits or a sirloin steak tartare. And while you enjoy the wine and the food, the sweet music of the duo

La Niña Vintage

, formed by Belén and Lorenzo, will play.

Where: Conde de Aranda, 11. Tel. 91 691 72 38.


This Japanese wants the cocktail to be the protagonist throughout that week to accompany his delicious dishes of nigiris, classic makis or Japanese tapas. That's why they have an exquisite and special proposal for those days, prepared by Head Bartender

Julián Gómez

, based on two exclusive drinks: Kyuu and Koraso. The first is sweeter, and is inspired by the classic Clover Club reinterpreted this time with Vodka, raspberry syrup and white chocolate, vanilla and lime. The second, Koraso, has a rum infusion with chocolate, coconut oil, pineapple juice and lychee foam.

Where: Lagasca, 38. Tel. 91 568 71 55. Price: from €16.


This hotel also joins in on the most romantic night of the year with a pairing dinner, in which the color red will be the protagonist. Its chef

Eduardo Gutiérrez

explains to us that "the Valentine's menu is a journey through a series of spices, flavors and perfumes based on the olfactory notes contained in nocturnal perfumes to stimulate our senses on a night so dedicated to love." Therefore, they will start with a 'Hibiscus bubbles' cocktail based on cava with hibiscus flower and a dash of grenadine. And as a final touch, the Red Passion Cocktail, a version of the classic Cosmopolitan made in this case with red fruit pulp. As main courses there will be sole in yuzu and tarragon béarnaise sauce with potato or Rossini sirloin. For dessert, all sweetness, white chocolate semifreddo with amaretto jelly. An extra? Their 'Sent with love' campaign, where they can send love letters through cards, during and after dinner.

Where: Atocha, 34. Tel. 91 0887780. Price: €75.


The Familia La Ancha bistro-bakery will have a special menu for lovers that will last over time, specifically from February 9 to 18. Chef

Nino Redruello

has been in charge of defining a menu with delicious delicacies such as artichokes, crayfish and citrus meunière, button mushroom and flaky bread, grilled sea bass with spring onion and black butter and grilled sirloin with sauce and parsnips. To finish, Fraisier cake with yuzu mousse and strawberries. A plus? There is the option of spending a night at the Thompson Hotel, in a superior room at a special price.

Where: Plaza del Carmen, center. Tel. 91 06212 79. Price: €55



Laughter, bingo and love, is the option of this mythical place, which holds a special Valentine's Day session on February 14. In addition, it is suitable for both couples and singles who may find love there. The price includes bingo, which is entertained by the presenter and


Fede Arias

, DJ music, a cool bottle of Cava, a portion of Iberian ham and a portion of croquettes. In addition, you may have the chance to win interesting prizes. Of course, reservations are mandatory.

Where: Gran Vía, 72. Tel. 91 546 36 30. Price: combo for €29.90.


The Dani García

Group restaurant

offers a culinary proposal all year round that is inspired by the chef's Andalusian roots and his travels around the world. For such an important date, they choose to offer dishes with perfect preparations for two people to share and, at the same time, that can travel through the palate. How do you get it? With dishes such as cheese and foie millefeuille, the popular crispy robuchon prawns or the legendary oxtail brioche.

Where: Paseo de la Castellana, 52. Madrid. Tel. 91 805 25 56. Price: From €35.


María Vega

's catering

has prepared a delicious night by creating some gourmet boxes for a special dinner for two without leaving home, which comes prepared to give you a simple warm-up. It begins with an appetizer based on a Foei micuit with quince that is accompanied by toasts; an acorn shoulder with peaks to move on to a pumpkin cream with carabinero ravioli, a main based on duck confit with French onions and orange sauce and two very sweet desserts, a chocolate coulant and a creamy cheesecake with caramel. As a plus, they have other types of boxes to give on the day of love with very sweet details.


. Price: €94.


And if the evening is celebrated at home, you have to finish with a cake that makes it clear what day it is, like the option that


has created with a special Red Velvet full of red hearts. It is made from a sponge cake that is covered with artisan cheese frosting, decorated with chocolate hearts.


. Price: €39.90.