Top 10 reasons to love the electronics show, CES 2024

The Las Vegas Electronics Show closes its doors. A deluge of new products that will arrive in specialty stores for consumers eager to use new technologies in their everyday lives. There are reasons to be optimistic and to believe that this new technology sector may be part of the solution to the planet's problems, in any case here are ten good reasons to love this show.

During CES 2024 in front of a photo booth. © Thomas Bourdeau

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The Year of Better Definition in Full Transparency

This year at the CES in Las Vegas, the TV screens became transparent with an image definition that is still as exceptional as ever. Transparency, the object disappeared when there was no image on the screen. Gone is the Malevich-style black square on the wall. As the years go by, that TV screen fades away. It has lost its thickness to the point of becoming very thin. Now, as if by magic, it almost disappears. Is this phenomenon a reflection of what has become of the new technologies that discreetly insert themselves into our lives, without us realizing it, performing in complete transparency?

At LG, the TV screen becomes transparent and the fridge changes color according to your mood...

This appliance manufacturer also presents an impressive car model.
The #CES2024 show begins! #CES

— Thomas Bourdeau (@tbourdeau) January 10, 2024

AI, an essential ally for new technologies

AI seems to be cooked in all kinds of ways at this show. Any product comes with artificial intelligence inside, no matter which algorithm is running. It's always easy to make fun of something new, so we leaned in a little bit. We saw a funny little guy proposed for children from four years old. In fact, it's the ChatGPT software suitable for kids. At first it seemed a bit weird, but then we realized that it could be completely amazing. Saying hello and a conversation can engage for a child with an AI. And then it could be Hello (learn English) or any language. And then why not do a little math? Listen to literature or ask astronomy questions. And then we thought maybe it's good to be born into this world now to have extremely intelligent conversations from a very young age. AI for everyone, as Samsung says.

2XCL, to excel, the AI robot from an early age. © Thomas Bourdeau

South Korea in full force at the show

A K-pop singer (G Dragon), bosses of big bands and a crowd of Asian visitors, South Korea came out in force at CES and it's a real demonstration. A technological power and also a vision. Another way of looking at new technologies, perhaps more eco-responsible, perhaps more logical, perhaps more efficient. Far from bling-bling, superficial tinsel, noise without depth, no, this is never the meaning of the Korean proposal. It's a K-pop energy that may seem surprising, not being in our concerns, but very quickly, we realize that it makes sense, and there you have it, South Korea is the new interlocutor for new technologies, a cultural and intellectual interlocutor.

The spirit of South Korea is a breath of fresh air for this show that has suffered cruelly from the Covid crisis. It's also a new energy, in the photo the colorful and cheerful SK stand. © Thomas Bourdeau

French Tech as strong as ever

French Tech is at the show. We saw them from the Unveil where they presented their new products. This France of new technology is still as dynamic as ever. As close-knit as ever. Withings does a remarkable job in health-related connected objects and then there are also a whole bunch of ideas, sometimes funny, sometimes surprising and maybe just as effective. Same thing at Eureka Park with this multitude of start-ups presented by region. And then, we wondered whether, at an American trade show intended for visitors from all over the world, it was really wise to differentiate between Normandy and Auvergne tech. In terms of gastronomy why not and again, but when it comes to the new technology sector, we honestly don't see the nuance. And what can international visitors take away from this ranking? The offer of new technologies should not be confused with a tourist agency; To get out of a regionalism bordering on the hilarious franchouillard to look a little more for performance. To be reviewed.

The start-up NeoPlant. © Thomas Bourdeau

Microprocessors are getting better and better

Microprocessors are behind every use. They are what make computers much more efficient. They are the ones that enable artificial intelligence to work ever more efficiently and answer all questions even more easily. Microprocessors are a booming market and an ultra-competitive one. Again, South Korea is doing well with Taiwan of course, and all the major nations are coming for this essential technology. We know that it is not really on the CES that all this is negotiated. It is in the suites of the great hotels that business takes place, in the calm and reflection of negotiation. "I've been coming to CES for 15 years, but I've never been to the show," one expert in the field told us.

View behind a hotel, on the way to the Convention Center. © Thomas Bourdeau

Towards a more eco-responsible new technology sector?

Eco-responsibility in tech, we want to believe in it. And on paper, a lot of brands are trying to prove it. They are doing their utmost to improve the situation, they say, to reduce the carbon footprint, to reduce consumption, to recycle. Paradoxically, it is perhaps at CES that the ecological solution lies, with AI that explains the right path to take, with engineers who take into account the economy and nature on a global scale. Naïve optimism? Not really. New technologies are not only about spending, they are also about the search for better performance, and sometimes it goes in the right direction to offer a new look at industry and the economy. Science fiction can also be benevolent. It is up to consumers and manufacturers to draw the boundaries.

The ring, potential and multiple variations

This tiny ring arrived at this show five years ago. This delicate piece of jewellery seemed really gimmicky and this year it will be rolled out to the market. It's a ring with microprocessors and sensors. And the applications are completely different depending on the use. It can be used to play video games like a conductor, order software, but it's also a health sensor that collects our personal data and it can become a phone. We were completely blown away by all the uses that were proposed with this simple ring. Without a doubt, the accessory of the future.

The ring that unites AI and its consumer. © Thomas Bourdeau

Resistance of the Metaverse and Augmented Reality

The Metaverse and augmented reality are resilient. They are on many stands with goggle and helmet manufacturers. Apple has announced, without being at the show, the release of its next Vision Pro headset. Augmented reality glasses improve their quality and the results are stunning for users. The uses are multiple and we understood very quickly that we are out of Gaming (a market that is keen on these immersive technologies where the performance is exceptional). These tools will also be very useful for the future of teleworking, remote appointments, simulations. A real estate agent, rather than showing the five houses spread out for miles around the city, puts a headset over his client's eyes and makes him visit the five in augmented reality, it's a time saver, it's also a carbon footprint, a little better.

Augmented reality even better... © Thomas Bourdeau

A show that returns to an "almost" pre-Covid dimension

The CES seems to be recovering a bit from the Covid crisis that brought it down. New technologies had taken a heavy blow at the time of this crisis, because it could seem a little futile to continue to attach ourselves to electronic objects when the planetary situation and the environment were worrying. But this year, we understand that new technologies can be part of the solution to the problem. Degrowth, certainly, but also fairer growth, growth in the right direction which, paradoxically, facilitates degrowth. The ecological and economic proposals of major brands, but also of start-ups, paying attention to waste, recycling, being careful with consumption, is it at this show that they pass their examination of conscience? At least, we can hope so.

The entrance to the CES on the west hall © side Thomas Bourdeau

Constant Advances in Robotics

Each robotics demonstration, year after year, demonstrates that the future is here. Pet, robot in the kitchen, personal assistant, for industry, the variations are immense and the feats constant.

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