Europe 1 with AFP / Photo credit: Loïc Venance / AFP 11:17 a.m., December 09, 2023

A 17-year-old boy has been jailed for the murder of 15-year-old Kendy, who was stabbed to death on Monday night during a brawl between rival gangs in the communes of Domont and Ezanville, in the Val d'Oise, the Pontoise prosecutor said on Saturday. "The alleged perpetrator of the fatal stabbing has been charged with murder and jailed," Sennès said.

Kendy, a resident of Ezanville, was on his way home from high school when he was attacked by young people from Domont. The latter had come to take revenge after a fight last week, according to the account given to the press by the mayor of Ezanville, Éric Battaglia (DVD).

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Rivalries between neighbourhoods

On Monday around 18 p.m., "a brawl involving about twenty people occurred in the commune of Domont," the Pontoise public prosecutor said in a statement on Tuesday. "When the gendarmes arrived on the scene, a few minutes after the start of the fight, the group of individuals fled."

Rivalries between the Rû-de-Vaux district (Ezanville), where Kendy is from, and that of the Cité de la Gare in Domont have been going on for about twenty years, according to the municipality. After the incident, a large force of police officers (gendarmes and police) was deployed in the area and in the neighbourhoods concerned. Various listening units for adults and pupils - the school has 1,400 - have been set up at the high school attended by the victim, according to the Versailles rectorate.