Lionel Gougelot (in Lille), Dimitri Pavlenko / Photo credits: MAGALI COHEN / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 08:27, 07 December 2023

On October 18, Fabienne, a retired nurse, was stabbed 36 times before having her throat slit at her home. Her alleged killer, an undocumented minor, was no stranger to law enforcement. He was arrested and remanded in custody and took his own life in his cell.

This is an abominable crime. On October 18, Fabienne, a 68-year-old retired nurse from Lille, was found dead in a pool of blood. She was brutally murdered at her home in Bois-Blancs, stabbed 36 times before having her throat slit. His alleged killer is a 17-year-old Ivorian boy, an unaccompanied minor, undocumented, who has since committed suicide in his cell. Invited by Dimitri Pavlenko on Europe 1 Matin on Wednesday, Christine details the attack suffered by her sister-in-law. Be careful, some comments may be shocking.

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"This individual completely tortured my sister-in-law"

Fabienne was on her way home when she came across this individual at her home. "She screamed very loudly, the next door neighbor intervened because she heard her screaming and she found her half-naked on a chair, migrating him on top of her strangling her," Christine said before continuing. "She wanted to intervene, but he put her completely on the ground and this lady had a head injury, she ran away. This individual completely tortured my sister-in-law, who was stabbed seven times in the vagina, her hands cut off. He scalped her, slit her throat and stripped her naked," she said.

Christine's brother, Fabienne's husband, found his wife in a pool of blood after her attack. An image that he will never be able to get out of his head. "It's a disaster. He's going to cling to his children and grandchildren but it's going to be very hard," she said.

"How many deaths does it take for us to react?"

When the young undocumented man was arrested and imprisoned, the victim's family discovered, appalled, that despite four arrests for theft and violence in eastern France, in the North and in the Paris region, and two placements in psychiatry, he had found himself in the wild. A real public danger, out of control, according to Christine, Fabienne's sister-in-law.

"It's a scary course. This boy should never have been able to go up to Lille since he had already been spotted by the police. He had already been identified for a psychiatric problem, he had already been committed for several days in different places [...] He took the RER, he assaulted people, he stole and we let him go free with impunity for everything he did! He ended up in the wild. And that's terrible anger. We say to ourselves, but how far will we go? How many deaths does it take for us to react? He should never have been in Lille," she said.

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"There are shortcomings and laxity on the part of the state"

At the microphone of Europe 1, Christine points the finger at the failures of the State. "He shouldn't have been there because he was undocumented, we knew he was dangerous, he should have been interned right away or gone home but he shouldn't have continued his journey. That's not possible. There are terrible shortcomings and loopholes. There is a laxity. He can't wander around like this and come to every possible home quietly. There is a terrible failure on the part of the state," she said.

Born in 2006 in Côte d'Ivoire, arrived alone in France in early 2022, he was under an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF). The suicide of the alleged killer in prison puts an end to the prosecution. Fabienne's family now intends to hold accountable the childcare facilities that failed to monitor and control this unbalanced young man.