"Gemini", Google's artificial intelligence

On Wednesday, December 6, Google launched its new artificial intelligence (AI) model, Gemini 1.0. For the Californian giant, it is a question of competing with OpenAI (the creator of ChatGPT), mainly financed by Microsoft.

"This new era of models represents one of the greatest scientific and technical efforts we have undertaken as a society," Google CEO Sundar Pichai said of Gemini

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In a press presentation, Google DeepMind VP Eli Collins praised Gemini: "It's our biggest, most gifted, and most general AI model."

This artificial intelligence that is supposed to compete with Chat-GPT4 is multimodal, i.e. it will take into account text, sound, images, video and be capable of logic.

We're excited to announce Gemini: @Google's largest and most capable AI model.

Built to be natively multimodal, it can understand and operate across text, code, audio, image and video - and achieves state-of-the-art performance across many tasks. 🧵 https://t.co/mwHZTDTBuG pic.twitter.com/zfLlCGuzmV

— Google DeepMind (@GoogleDeepMind) December 6, 2023

Since the launch of ChatGPT a year ago, a frantic race for so-called generative AI has been underway between the giants of Silicon Valley.

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Sundar Pichai, the boss of Google, detailed in a video the degree of analysis of Gemini. If a user shows objects, drawings, and videos to Gemini, the AI verbally comments on what it "sees," identifies objects, plays music, and answers questions justifying its "reasoning."

For example, when faced with the image of a plastic duck having to choose between two paths – the one on the left leading to another duck drawn on the paper and the one on the right to a threatening-looking bear – Gemini suggests the path on the left because "it's better to make friends than enemies."

Seeing some qs on what Gemini *is* (beyond the zodiac :). Best way to understand Gemini's underlying amazing capabilities is to see them in action, take a look ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/OiCZSsOnCc

— Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) December 6, 2023

Google had launched its own chatbot, Bard, (a computer program that simulates a human conversation), but it remained unknown compared to its rival ChatGPT. Its new Gemini model aims to improve on this. "This is another step towards our vision of bringing you the best AI collaborator in the world," said Sissie Hsiao, Google's vice president of Bard. "

Bard needs to gain more capabilities, but always with written queries, and only in English. We'll have to wait until 2024 for the other functions and formats, such as advanced math problem-solving assistance.

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