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Wikipedia article on ChatGPT: a click hit in 2023

Photo: Wikipedia

No entry in the English-language version of Wikipedia has been viewed more often this year than the text on ChatGPT. This was announced by the Wikimedia Foundation on Tuesday, based on an evaluation that ended on November 28. The article about the chatbot, with its now more than 40,000 characters of text and over 200 references, has almost 49.5 million views. Apparently, many people felt the need to find out about the AI tool from OpenAI.

The Wikimedia Foundation has also calculated the total number of times Wikipedia articles on ChatGPT have been accessed across all languages in which the online encyclopedia is available. The total number of clicks is therefore over 78 million.

In second place in the ranking of the English-language Wikipedia, according to the data, is its overview of notable deaths in 2023, with 42.6 million clicks. The top three is completed by an overview article on the Cricket World Cup, the Cricket World Cup to be held this autumn. And also in fourth place was a cricket article: that of the so-called Indian Premier League.

»Oppenheimer« beats »Barbie«

With 28.3 million clicks, the feature film »Oppenheimer« by Christopher Nolan made it to fifth place, which competed for the money and attention of moviegoers in the summer at the same time as the blockbuster »Barbie«. The "Barbie" film, on the other hand, landed at number 13 in this year's list – and thus also behind the article on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the US physicist who died in 1967 and around whom "Oppenheimer" revolves.

The Middle East conflict does not appear at all in the recently published top 25 list, Russia's attack on Ukraine ranks 12th with almost 8.24 million clicks. In the previous year, this article had been the second most clicked ever, with more than 50 million views. At the time, the article on US serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, about whom a Netflix series had been released in 2022, had landed in first place.