• GTA6 Steals and Publishes 90 Videos of the Long-Awaited Grand Theft Auto 6

This weekend there has been quite a stir in the gaming community due to an alleged leak of what is presumed to be gameplay material from the anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. If confirmed, it would be the second leak suffered during this development. This leak occurred just before the game's official reveal, scheduled for December 5, 2023, i.e. two days from now.

The video, which was initially uploaded by TikTok user @azzarossi, has sparked both interest and skepticism among fans and experts. Although this user has made his account private, the footage has quickly circulated on platforms such as Twitter, generating a heated debate about the authenticity and implications of such a leak.

The authenticity of the leaked footage has been a topic of intense discussion. Attempts have been made to verify the legitimacy of these images, but so far they have failed to confirm their origin. What has drawn attention is that online comparisons have revealed notable similarities to previously leaked material from the game, which could indicate that the footage is genuine, or alternatively, that someone has created a convincing fake based on previous leaks.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the image uploaded by the user as proof of his claim appears to be original on the Internet. However, this doesn't rule out the possibility that it was generated by artificial intelligence or edited in some way to look authentic. Although there have been claims online about legal action by Rockstar Games, such as copyright claims against the footage, which could be a clue to the authenticity of the footage.

The nature of the leak has led some to speculate that it could be an elaborate hoax. The fact that the original user privatized their account instead of deleting it or being suspended adds a layer of mystery to the matter. This action could be interpreted as a measure to avoid negative attention or as an indication that the leak is nothing more than a joke or a well-executed set-up.

Several international media outlets point out that this TikTok user is friends with the son of Aaron Garbut, the head of development at Rockstar North (or they may come from the son himself). The footage is an aerial view where you can see structures reminiscent of Vice City's iconic buildings, and it's evident that the game is still in a development stage, judging by what was shown.

Among the most interesting rumors is the claim that GTA 6's map will be significantly larger than GTA V's Los Santos, with three main cities and four sub-cities. These details suggest a huge scale and ambitionon the part of Rockstar Games for its next title. There is also talk that 70% of the buildings would be open and could be entered.

Likewise, the new Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks would also have revealed the date that Rockstar Games would be looking to reach. It seems that the company wants to publish it in the fall of 2024, although it is not assured due to the possibility of delays, since judging by the allegedly leaked images, there would still be some work to be done. Depending, of course, on the authenticity of the images being confirmed and everything that the first official trailer for GTA 6 from Rockstar Games can advance.

First major leak

In September 2022, GTA 6 was hit by a massive and unprecedented leak, considered one of the biggest in video game history. More than 90 videos and screenshots of an in-development alpha version of the game appeared online, a leak that was later acknowledged and authenticated by Rockstar.

It revealed significant details about the game, including a much larger map than GTA V, fueling rumors that the game would span multiple cities in the United States. Additionally, in one of the leaked videos, the protagonist was shown taking a police vehicle with the inscription "VCPD" on the back, suggesting that a portion of the game would be set in Vice City, just like the GTA title released in 2002. Not only did these details increase anticipation among fans, but they also highlighted information security issues and the potential impact on the game's development.