Signal, WhatsApp, WeChat or Telegram... Matignon doesn't want it anymore. Élisabeth Borne's call for her ministers to use the French app Olvid has sparked strong interest, including abroad. Meredith Whittaker, of the Signal Foundation, a non-profit organization behind the eponymous app, reacted on Tech 24. She recalled that her application, which is regularly audited by a very active community, is very useful for activists in countries where it is regularly censored.

Whittaker said her main concern "was not the choice of the [Olvid] app that seems to have been created by smart and interesting people," but "the implication that the [government's] decision was based on security flaws."

"It's a very serious allegation when it comes to an app like Signal, which goes out of its way to set the standard for privacy and security," she continued. "We have to be very careful, especially with official claims, which cast aspersions on apps like Signal, which are the gold standard for security and privacy in the industry."

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