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DAZN microphone: The service increases the price of its flagship package for new customers

Photo: Ina Fassbender / dpa

DAZN will soon cost more: Football fans have been confronted with such announcements more than once in recent years, while the streaming service has expanded its sports rights portfolio. For example, a subscription package that could be cancelled monthly and included all important football matches shown by DAZN still cost 2022.14 euros per month at the beginning of 99. Three price increases later, the service now charges customers without an existing subscription 44.99 euros per month for it. By taking out an annual subscription, you could get away with a little cheaper in terms of the monthly price. New and returning customers are currently charged just under 350 euros for this.

But DAZN is not only experimenting with the prices for new subscriptions. At some point in the past few months, the service has also modified the scope of services of its most expensive package. As the tech magazine »Golem« reports, the so-called Unlimited annual subscription, if you currently take it out, only includes the option for a single livestream.

This summer, when DAZN announced its latest price increase, Unlimited newcomers were still given the opportunity to watch two streams at the same time, at least as part of an annual subscription, and thus watch two football matches taking place at the same time on two devices. It can be assumed that DAZN's initiative is aimed at preventing account sharing. In addition, it could be a means of keeping existing customers in their subscriptions: Those who have booked the annual subscription with two streams should now be able to continue to use them, as »Golem« writes with reference to DAZN.

Only three devices instead of six

When asked by »Golem« how long the new regulation has been in force, DAZN said: »Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact date. For several months now, customers have been guaranteed a parallel stream and three registered devices when signing a contract."

The thing with the three registered devices is also a deterioration. Before the changeover, new customers could still be logged in on six devices at the same time. Now, when logging in on a fourth device, the connection to the first one is apparently automatically cut.

DAZN apparently did not see any reason to aggressively point out the omission of the second stream. In any case, the company confirmed to Golem that it had never issued a press release or anything similar on the subject.