Elon Musk, owner of the social network X (formerly Twitter), admitted Wednesday at a forum in New York that if the big advertisers continue to leave the platform "they will kill the company".

Since mid-November, large companies such as Apple, IBM or Disney decided to suspend their advertising on X after a controversial comment by Musk that supported a conspiracy theory about Jewish communities.

According to The New York Times, the exit of these companies could cost the social networkup to 68 million euros before the end of the year.

During the forum hosted by the New York newspaper, Musk refused to answer in good faith questions from the host, columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, about the exodus of advertisers.

He did, however, address those companies directly: "them," he told them.

He later admitted that if the big companies continue their boycott, X could disappear, but he was confident that "the whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company." "Let's see how the Earth responds to that," the businessman ventured.

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