A public blockchain network will differ from all existing networks in the country by the presence of independent validators.

The network will be managed on the basis of voting, and technical support for the project will be provided by the team of the Blockchain Technology Laboratory "ChainLab" of the Idea Scientific Center.

A constraining factor for the dynamic development of blockchain projects in Russia is the lack of a decentralized public network with the ability to pay for transactions not in cryptocurrency, but in rubles.

As noted by Dmitry Livanov, Rector of MIPT, the development of blockchain in Russia depends on two key factors: the availability of public networks and their decentralization, which minimizes risks for users.

"What does it give? If one element of the network does not work for one reason or another, the network will continue to live, and this circumstance will not affect other participants in the process. For example, there is a similar project of a common urban blockchain network in China. The time has come to do something similar in Russia – a progressive and user-friendly public network," he explained.

Alexander Belenov, Head of the ChainLab Blockchain Technologies Laboratory of the Idea Research Center, noted that developers of blockchain projects in the Russian Federation will have the opportunity to launch their smart contracts on the existing blockchain network without organizing support for their own infrastructure.

"Moreover, this network will allow us to create solutions for any load," he stressed, adding that the project will not require a license from the Central Bank.

At the end of September, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the government and the Central Bank had prepared a step-by-step plan to launch settlements based on blockchain technology.