• Interview with Miguel López 'El Hematocritic': "I'm categorically against homework"

Miguel López Hurtado, known as El Hematocrítico on social media, died on Monday at the age of 47, his partner confirmed in a message on Twitter.

The publication Quince Mil alludes to a heart attack as the cause of his death, although this fact has not been cited by his colleague.

Miguel López Hurtado had been working as a primary school teacher in A Coruña, where he was born in 1976, for two decades. His name, and especially his nickname of El Hematocritico, gained great popularity thanks to his frequent messages, almost always tinged with humor, on social networks. He had nearly 160,000 followers on Twitter and 21,500 on Instagram.

"Our goal must be for our daughters and sons to be happy," said El Hematocrítico in July 2022 in this interview with EL MUNDO. He lamented that children have "stress" because they are involved "in this wheel that we have created."

On the occasion of the publication of his book 'Escúchalos', Miguel López El Hematocrítico spoke out "categorically" against homework outside of class. "Children need the rest of the time to develop other skills: to enjoy free time, to read, to run in the park... I think there is a desire to colonize all the time as a time of preparation, a time of formation," he said.

Miguel López Hurtado's activity was not limited to social networks. One of the publishers he worked with, Blackie Books, reported in 2018 that El Hematocrítico was the author of numerous very popular humor projects on the Internet such as 'El Hematocrítico de Arte', 'Drama en el Portal' or 'Los Hermanos Podcast' (with Noel Ceballos). And he cited his collaborations in Cuore, Atresmedia, RTVE and the Tedx conferences. He also recalled that, together with the illustrator Alberto Vázquez, he was the author of the children's books 'Feliz Feroz', 'Agente Ricitos' and 'El lobo con botas'.

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