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Used cars from VW

Photo: Manuel Geisser / Geisser / IMAGO

Electric cars are considered expensive, at least in terms of purchase price, new cars are still higher than comparable combustion engines. If you are looking for a used car, you will find that the market is quite small so far. But this is now changing, as an evaluation by the ADAC shows: Recently, significantly more used e-cars have come onto the market.

The reasons for this are that more and more electric cars are on the road, and there are now over a million on German roads. The variety of models is now also greater, explains the automobile club. Often, the used vehicles are lease returns, which are between two and four years old and are rarely driven.

Used prices have fallen since last year

Due to the increasing supply, shorter delivery times and lower new car prices, the prices for used cars are also falling, according to the ADAC. Some examples from the ADAC evaluation:

  • According to the figures, a two-year-old Tesla Model 3 can currently be purchased for 17 percent less than in autumn 2022. At that time, an average of 38,550 euros would have been due, today it would be just under 31,900 euros.

  • A VW ID.3 costs an average of 28,850 euros, compared to 33,100 euros a year ago – down about 13 percent.

  • The Hyundai Kona has fallen even more in price, by 22 percent within one year. Instead of 35,050 euros, it costs an average of 27,400 euros used.

It is not only in Germany that the used car market is developing in this way. In Great Britain, too, the average price for used electric cars has fallen by around 20 percent within a year, reports »manager magazin« based on data from an online platform.

According to the ADAC, this development, as well as the usually low operating costs, contribute to the fact that electric cars are now an option for many customer groups - especially for those who can charge at home.

However, interested parties should check the condition of the battery when making a purchase, advises the automobile club. Ideally, the seller should be able to show the test protocols for the regular battery checks together with the checkbook. In addition, buyers should consider what range and charging power they need in everyday life.