Promotional image for »The Legend of Zelda«: A feature film is planned for the game series

Photo: AP/dpa

Money-making, embarrassing fan service, shallow entertainment: For many years, video game adaptations had a bad reputation. But in the meantime, the tide has turned. Series such as »The Last of Us« or »Cyberpunk: Edgerunners« are considered critics' darlings, and the »Super Mario Bros. Film«, which was released in the spring, also filled cinemas worldwide - and managed the feat of entertaining both young and older Nintendo fans.

Now Nintendo has unveiled plans for another potential blockbuster: Together with Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Japanese company wants to bring its action-adventure »The Legend of Zelda« to the cinema - as a live-action film, i.e. with real actors and actresses. However, it is still unknown who will embody characters like Link and Princess Zelda.

Gaming legend Miyamoto is involved in the film

»The Legend of Zelda« is one of the most popular Nintendo brands ever, along with »Super Mario«. The latest open-world game in the series, titled "Tears of the Kingdom," has already sold nearly 20 million copies within a few months of its release in May, according to recent figures from Nintendo. Breath of the Wild, its direct predecessor from 2017, has already sold more than 30 million copies.

According to Nintendo's announcement, the new film will be produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and Avi Arad. Miyamoto has been Nintendo's star developer for decades, and in addition to »The Legend of Zelda«, he has been responsible for classics such as »Donkey Kong«, »F-Zero« and »Mario Kart«. Arad is a well-known U.S. film producer who was involved in the Oscar-winning film "Spider-Man: A New Universe." Before starting his own production company, Arad was CEO of Marvel Studios, among other positions.

The director is the American Wes Ball. So far, he is best known for his feature films in the »Maze Runner« series.

When exactly the »Zelda« film will be shot and will be released in cinemas is not clear from Nintendo's announcement.