The cold arrives and far from looking for the warmth of the home, when there are children involved, the house seems to become tiny and we give anything to get out of it. And what better way to entertain them than to make plans to eat out. For example, in this small selection of restaurants that includes everything from Italian and top hamburger restaurants to unique canteens that combine sport and food.


Live music from a balcony, a square full of colourful tables – the place is inspired by Procida, an Italian island near Naples – signature cocktails to get the party started, dishes that combine Italian and Spanish cuisine and a photo booth to remember the best moments. Baldoria, the restaurant of Ciro Cristiano, former executive chef of the Big Mamma Group, in which the cuisine is 100% artisanal with a mixture of traditional recipes with signature touches.

We start with some croquettes alla parmigiana and some brioches of tuna tartare, stracciatella from Puglia, zucchini alla scapece Napoletana, toasted almonds (a dish known as 'atuna matata'). Another 'hit' of the house is the vitello tonnato. Although if we get into the matter, we must make special mention of its pizzas, always recognized in international rankings. Made with an Acunto oven, brought directly from Naples, they reach up to 420 degrees to cook them in 80 seconds. The dough is prepared entirely at home with Italian flour and biga as a preferment, with 50% hydration; It is left to ferment for 24 hours and then rests for another 24 hours. The Forza 4 cheese and the pumpkin cheese are two good choices, without overlooking the burrata tartuffe. As for pasta, you must try on a first visit the spaghetti cacio & tartufo, served directly on the cheese wheel, Abruzzo truffle, parmigiano foam and truffle sauce. When it comes to desserts, it's hard to decide, but if you have to choose, pannacota and cheesecake are safe bets. José Ortega y Gasset, 100. Tel.: 91 094 49 41.

The climbing wall canteen.

Arkose Cantina

In this climbing wall in the Tetuán neighbourhood you can get started in the world of climbing, but not only. In its thousand square meters, they have paid special attention to their canteen, where local and seasonal products mark a short, but varied, rich and very appetizing menu. Traditional Spanish recipes – there is no shortage of Russian salad – are mixed with Asian influences, which give a different touch to the proposal. Gorgonzola and pear salad, a smoked eggplant timbale, marinated chicken and nachos with cheese star in the initial part of the snack. In the main courses, the Japanese ribs (pork ribs cooked at low temperature with Japanese glaze) and the red Thai chickpea curry are a must.

In the Arkose canteen, local produce is a priority.

Don't forget this modern space, where you can give climbing lessons, classics such as hamburgers, with very good vegan options. Those who want to get to know another version of their cuisine can try their menu from Monday to Friday. And accompany it with their craft beer, Oskare. They also offer the option of having breakfast. Woodsheds, 4. Tel.: 91 452 83 93.

Grilled chicken, in Cakareo.


It has just been added to the capital's offer and is already one of the most demanded tables on weekends. Their proposal: an ode to grilled chicken and vegetables, fresh products that come directly from the national countryside and orchard and that are worked on grills designed ad hoc for the dining room. The star of the place – inspired by steakhouses in Portugal, France and Spain – is the grilled chicken in traditional marinade. Ideal for sharing, it is served whole or half and accompanied by five sauces, all homemade, and, if you want, garnishes such as aubergines, piquillo peppers, sweet potato, roasted potatoes...

Cakareo Room.

If the little ones in the house miss the hamburgers, the restaurant - with a dining room, terrace and a large bar overlooking the oven - has two options: Mediterránea, made with shredded chicken, and Cakareo, made with the thigh of marinated chicken. But first, try the Russian salad with tuna belly, the seasonal vegetables (roasted or grilled) or their unique and juicy coulant-style grilled potato omelette. Average price: 25-35 euros. Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde, 50. Tel.: 91 088 50 40.

New York Burger Caleido.

New York Burger

The nine establishments that this brand – a benchmark in American-style artisan burgers for 14 years – has in Madrid are open every day and are a good proposal to enjoy a lunch/snack/dinner with children. For example, in the Caleido establishment, that open-air enclosure, with green areas, terraces and a wide range of leisure and gastronomy in the shadow of the Four Towers. Thus, among skyscrapers, you can enjoy its 15 meat burgers, three chicken burgers and two veggies that seem to take us more than ever to New York: Brooklyn, 4th of July, Nolita, Liberty... Or the latest creation by Pablo Colmenares, executive chef: the Bacon Egg Tower, inspired by the iconic burger of the Au Cheval restaurant (based in Chicago and New York), with cheddar, thick smoked bacon, fried egg, chives, Parmesan sauce, pickles and chopped red onion. Keep an eye out for their delicious smoked meats – cooked between four and 14 hours – American-style and the weekend brunch!

The 'Bacon Egg Tower', Pablo Colmenares' latest creation.

In addition, they have a children's menu -Las mini brasas, 11.95 euros- with several options: cheeseburger of 120 grams; grilled sausage; nuggets (the three bites with chips, soda and a glass of ice cream for dessert) and pasta with cheese sauce, toast and also soda and a glass of ice cream. Price: from €13.95 (medium burger with fries). Caleido Tower. Paseo de la Castellana, 259 E. Madrid. Local 509-510. Tel. 91 058 02 03.

'Huevos rotos' pizza, in Luz de Lumbre.

Light of Fire

Anyone who can't find a dish to their liking in the dining room -with several spaces- that Cata Lupu (also owner of La Taberna de Elia, temple of meats in Pozuelo de Alarcón) has in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, may not have looked well. Because here you can have tapas (they have just opened the night tables with 4, 6 or 8 pintxos of their essential dishes) and also pay homage to fire and first-class genre as a leitmotif. Here the grill shines with a personal touch: fish, vegetables (grilled leek and toasted cauliflower with kimchi and romesco sauce, vegetable ratatouille with free-range eggs), meats (Iberian toast, pork or beef ribs, grilled black angus, entrecôte, T-bone steak)...

Glazed room by Luz de Lumbre.

Also worth a visit are its hamburgers and a dozen artisan pizzas, whose dough ferments for 48 hours and are cooked in a wood-fired oven. For example, the Guanciale; From the garden, with seasonal vegetables; the Leonesa, with spicy chorizo from León and spicy honey, or the Huevos rotos. For those who like more formal meals, Cata has a tasting menu and four other themed menus (Green, Del Mar, Carnivore and Light) and for the little ones the menu has a section of Children's dishes (under 14 years old). Average price: 35 euros. Estudiantes, 6 (San Lorenzo de El Escorial). Tel.: 91 818 89 83 / 681 08 28 77.