• Barcelona crowns the "best hamburger in Europe" among 22 candidates

"Our beloved Emmy-B is conquering stomachs again." With this message, the managers of Jenkin's restaurant, a chain of hamburger restaurants in Valencia, wanted to celebrate on social networks that they have become the best burger in Europe of 2023 after winning the final of The Champions Burger held in Barcelona during thelast week. More than 220,000 people have been able to taste the 22 candidates and after popular vote Emmy-B has been chosen, undoubtedly the most curious and extravagant proposal but not only for the meat, but also for everything else.

The best burger in Europe is between two glazed sedans, that is, donuts without holes, with a 180-gram Black Angus USA Prime meat, smoked cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, bacon bites, pickled pickles and Korean sauce. Jenkin's original proposal already won the award for the best hamburger in Spain last year and that is why this restaurant took its original product to the final in Barcelona this 2023: "Our favorite burger has done it again".

His food truck in the final held at Fira de Barcelona was one with the longest queues of diners willing to taste this burger. The reviews couldn't have been better and, by popular vote, he won the award. The second prize went to the restaurant La Muralla, another restaurant in Castellón that won the award for the best hamburger in Spain this year, and the third to the proposal of The ranch smokehouse, from Barcelona, according to the organizers.

Barcelona crowns the "best hamburger in Europe" among 22 candidatesThe Champions Burger / EL MUNDO

For a week, 22 hamburger restaurants, mostly Spanish but also from Portugal, Andorra, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, competed in Barcelona to win the title of "Best hamburger in Europe". The public chose the winner with their votes by evaluating aspects such as bread, meat, the combination of ingredients and originality. In the contest there was a wide variety of gourmet burgers, from the most classic, to the most innovative, creative, avant-garde and author.

Since last March, The Champions Burger has held events throughout Spain to choose the best burger proposals that have made it to the final. Thus, for 10 days the attending public was able to taste the creations of La Muralla, Jenkin's, Tarantín Chiflado, Torriko Burger, Rico Burger, Vacarnal, Tepuy Burger, Antiga Burger, Umbrella, Circo, Rancho Santa África and Gottan. They were joined by five proposals from the province of Barcelona, Folks, Laburguesa, The Ranch Smokehouse, Double Biere and Timesburg, and European representatives such as Django Gastrobar (Andorra), Knifetown Burger and Rekas Burgers (Sweden), Asado Burgers (England) and Bullguer (Portugal).

The event was held at Fira de BarcelonaTCB

The Champions Burger has established itself as the benchmark hamburger championship, with the attendance of more than 750,000 people during the preliminary classifications that have been organized this year, from March to July, in Castellón, Alicante, Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville, Malaga, Cordoba and Valencia. They have been joined by themore than 220,000 attendees at the final in Barcelona over 10 days this October. Everyone was able to vote after tasting the hamburger by scanning the QR code printed on the ticket they were given and thus make their assessment.

Now, the process is open again for aspiring restaurants to think of new creations to be able to compete in next year's contest. Undoubtedly, a juicy experience that is finger-licking and that is suitable for all audiences.

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