• Technology Australia fines X (Twitter) €366,056 for failing to combat child sexual abuse
  • Elon Musk will charge $1 a year to new X users from New Zealand and the Philippines

Elon Musk, frustrated at having to comply with the Digital Services Act, is considering banning the use of X (formerly Twitter) in Europe, either by making the app directly unavailable on the continent or by blocking its access to users in the EU, according to 'Business Insider'.

With this measure, Musk, who bought the social network a year ago for $44 billion, would dodge this law that seeks to curb misinformation. This law obliges digital platforms to remove hate content as soon as possible, to make their algorithms more transparent and to send routine reports with the update of their measures to the headquarters of the European Commission. These are considerations that this social network does not take into account, since anyone can give their opinion and share content of all kinds.

If you break the law, both X (Twitter) and any other company could face a fine of up to 6% of their turnover.

Musk's decision contradicts what he himself said more than a year ago, even before he acquired Twitter, when he said he wanted to do with his companies "anything that was beneficial to Europe."

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