In 2018, Eugeni de Diego decided to leave elBullifoundation, where he worked with Ferran Adrià, to start his own business. What did this Bullinian chef choose to open a restaurant in Barcelona? A concept of chicken rotisserie, which started a first location, where a model of Josper (a famous house specialized in grill ovens) created ad hoc to roast chickens was key. De Diego, creator of other recent projects in Barcelona such as Colmado Wilmot or Bar Lombo, acknowledged that, when in the elBulli years he finished work late, a street stall selling roast chickens in Rosas (Girona) was his best ally. By the way, Apluma proved to be a very profitable business, with many units sold per day, which allowed it to grow to add several roast chicken bars in Barcelona and opened the door for the chef to sell his chain to a fund in 2022.

On the more traditional side, a roast chicken restaurant in Puerta del Sol inspired Paco Morales Sr., father of the chef and owner of the two-starred Noor, to open Asador de Nati in 1989 in Cordoba. Its "homemade takeaway" proposal has its main hallmark in its chicken rotisserie.

Grilled chicken from Cakareo.

A popular recipe, common to eat or buy to take home on Sundays, rotisserie chicken can be a tasty treat as long as it maintains its juiciness. It is usually dispatched at affordable prices in general (but not always) in different types of hospitality establishments. In Madrid, Cakareo has been the latest to join a specialization that marks classic businesses, from Casa Galván to El Murciano, modern concepts, such as Limbo, restaurant chains (Le Coq or Piri Piri, the latter with its Portuguese-style charcoal frango) or takeaway formulas, such as Le Gallinero. In its recipe book, there is room for roasting in the oven or grill and even various recipes in a Portuguese or Peruvian key.

The rotisserie chicken boom? Maybe not so much; but these are ten clues to enjoy good roast chickens in Madrid.


A novelty of the gastronomic agenda for autumn 2023. Recently opened, in an area that combines the Ponzano effect with Azca's business clientele, it is a concept specialized in grills and, specifically, in chicken and vegetables, with the generic leitmotif "from the farm to the city" and the surname Campo y Brasa. The main recipe is marinated and grilled chicken, cooked in the chicken roasters that Josper has adapted to the Cakareo model. Juicy on the inside and golden on the outside, it can be ordered whole (€24.90) or half (€16.90); Add some sauce (1.50) as a dressing among five options (romesco, chimichurri, ranchera, Andalusian mojo and mayo mojo rojo) and accompany with garnishes (such as roasted potato, aubergine or sweet potato, for 3.90 each). Another curious dish on the menu is the grilled potato omelette, coulant style (curdled outer layer and liquid inside). It plans to launch delivery and takeout service.

Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 50. Tel. 910 88 50 40. 25-35 €

Casa Galván

The business was founded in 1963, when Pepita Garcia began selling rotisserie chickens to order on Sundays. With her husband, Cecilio Galván (both from Zamora), this takeaway chicken rotisserie format became a business that has been going on for three generations. Roast chicken is accompanied by its special sauce, sold for takeaway or home delivery (via apps such as Uber Eats); It weighs 1.2 kilos with a price of €12.90 if bought whole (€6.50 if it is medium). On their website, they indicate that they prepare up to 180 units a day, although these figures in practice must be much higher, especially on weekends. There are side dishes such as green peppers, French fries, or white rice. Apart from the roast recipe, the menu adds other dishes with chicken: croquettes, wontons stuffed with the bird and the so-called crests, a kind of Japanese dumpling with roast chicken and sautéed vegetables inside. It has four stores: Atocha, Ramos Carrión, Cartago and Botica (the latter in the town of Barajas, where this business was born in the 60s).

Ronda de Atocha, 14. Tel. 919 309 418. 15-25 €


Concept opened in 2018 by Grupo La Musa, owner of restaurants such as the one that gives its name to the company, Ojalá, Run Run Run or the more recent Ojalá Pool Bar. Located on the ground floor of Bastardo Hostel, Limbo is a casual grill concept, which has as its hit the grilled chicken, roasted in a large wrought iron oven, with holm oak charcoal. Marinated with aji panca and beer for 48 hours prior to roasting, it is shipped whole (17 euros) or half (9); Reach the dough with a gravy boat with its own juice for each customer to add as desired. It can be paired with side dishes such as baked potato, Caribbean rice with beans, smoked sweet potato puree, or grilled tomatoes. Apart from the headquarters of the Court, it has had another location since the end of 2020 in the Bernabéu area.

San Mateo, 3. Tel. 910 74 14 95. 25-30 €

The Murcian

In this chicken rotisserie, the theme works like this: a small shop open to the public with a counter full of freshly roasted chickens, in front of which customers queue, especially on weekends. Their juicy and flavorful chickens are roasted live right behind the counter in full view of the public. They dispatch quickly and kindly to ensure a dynamic customer service and, in addition, the prices are moderate. On top of that, the offer is flexible because you can buy a whole chicken (priced at 8.50 euros), half a chicken (4.50) or a quarter (3.50), as well as being able to add a few jars of sauces (Canarian mojo and Murcian garlic). In other words, there is no trick or cardboard in this model from which many modern premises opened with too many pretensions could well learn. Located in Lavapiés, this is the business inaugurated in 1981 by Joaquín Pérez and managed today in the second generation. By the way, the menu is, in fact, a poster displayed on the façade with photos of its dishes, as it adds other recipes with chicken such as dumplings, croquettes, fingers, wings... apart from fries.

Valencia, 18. Madrid. 10-15 €

Mingo House

Authentic emblem of the city with roast chicken as a specialty. Or, as she presents herself, "doyenne of cider houses in Madrid". Opened in 1888 in an old warehouse of materials for the railway infrastructures of the Estación del Norte (Príncipe Pío), it was born as a cider mill. Today, hundreds of local customers and tourists are looking for his roast chicken recipe, which is shipped whole, priced at €8.80 per unit if ordered at the bar and €12.75 if served at the table. Chorizo in cider, Madrid-style tripe or omelette, to complete. To drink, Mingo Ciders. It has several lounges and terraces. A hallmark is its continuous opening hours: it operates every day from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., while its kitchen remains open all day. Accept online orders.

Paseo de la Florida, 34. Tel. 915 47 79 18. 15-30 €

Smoke by Jhosef Arias

It is a concept around grilled chicken led by Peruvian chef Jhosef Arias, owner of other restaurants in Madrid such as Callao 24 or Piscomar. "Humo is a typical Peruvian chicken shop," he says. That's why, for its preparation, it follows a recipe for grilled chicken typical of the Andean country. Served with fries and salad (included in the price), you can order a whole chicken (€27.90), half (€14.90) or quarter, which changes in price depending on whether it is breast (€8.70) or thigh (€8.20). Various sauces can dress it, such as uchu, "typical Peruvian chicken cream" with smoked yellow chili pepper and huacatay. French fries or white rice work as extras. You can eat on site or order takeaway through their website. The menu adds chicken wings, some ceviche, chaufa rice and grilled meats. After operating for several years in Vallecas, it moved in 2022 to the Salamanca neighbourhood and is now preparing another opening in the Cuzco area (Calle Pintor Juan Gris).

Hermosilla, 73. Tel. 915 30 04 22. 20-35 €

The Embers of the Mentidero

It is one of the concepts of Grupo Mentidero, owned by Borja Anabitarte and Lara Alonso del Cid, who, after the closure of Mentidero de la Villa on Almagro Street, concentrate the bulk of their businesses in District C (Ronda de la Comunicación): La Borda del Mentidero, La Sal and Las Brasas del Mentidero. The latter is a restaurant whose menu is partly inspired by the Algarve. Within its Portuguese cuisine, you can try franguito, a grilled chicken, which can be seasoned with garlic-lemon or piri piri (sauce with a variety of chili pepper similar to chili pepper or chilli). In both cases, it is priced at 16 euros for a portion of half a chicken. In addition, you can order fried chicken wings or chicken chili croquettes. Delivery service is available.

Ronda de la Comunicación, 3. Tel. 911 08 88 12. 35-40 €

Call Inn

Yes, there is a good roast chicken option in this business that, for starters, is one of the most worthwhile Peruvian restaurants in Madrid. With a contemporary touch, the Andean gastronomy proposal of this space in the Salesas neighborhood is equivalent to the Madrid branch of a concept born just a decade ago in Brooklyn. From the New York headquarters, Juan Correa and Erik Ramírez decided to bring their project to Europe, starting with the opening of Llama Inn Madrid a year ago and continuing in London, the city where they settled just a month ago. With the young chef Luis Cornejo at the helm, its brunch proposal materializes a good Sunday plan under a format of à la carte dishes, among which is the tasty grilled chicken, with "super crispy" potatoes as a garnish and with chicken chili pepper as a sauce. It is a recipe designed to share (price of 30 euros) together with other dishes for that hearty breakfast-weekend lunch mix. At the same time, its lunch and dinner menu includes coquelet, yellow chili pepper and rice with olives (25 euros). Cocktails -also Peruvianized- to accompany it.

Conde de Xiquena, 2. Tel. 915 56 15 48. 40-60 €

Assemble thechicken

Concept created shortly before the pandemic by Joaquín Felipe, chef at the helm of projects such as Atocha 107 (Madrid) and El Castañu (Asturias). Four years old, it is a food delivery service that works through apps such as Glovo. Their specialty is chicken, which can be tasted roasted juicy; It is macerated in spices, oil and vinegar, before being cooked at a low temperature and roasted. It is a free-range chicken from Los Campos Monegros Grill Master, weighing 1.4 kilos at a price of 29 euros. To accompany it, you can order potatoes (fried or wrinkled) or some mojo. In addition, the chicken can be tried garlic, confit and fried, in croquettes or cannelloni. More information can be found here.

The Roast Chicken Farm

Simple takeaway or home delivery format, which also has the option of eating at its premises on Maudes Street. Within its offer of "Spanish cuisine", there is the possibility of eating or ordering at home a roast chicken, which whole costs 12 euros, while half costs 7. In addition, fried wings, the so-called chicken 'paella' or poultry broth. Roasted potatoes or green pepper can be garnished. Its delivery works via apps such as Glovo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

Maudes 35. Tel. 91 868 86 83. 15-20 €