Before we start recommending cheap wines like this, crazy, we should do a little self-criticism and ask ourselves: What is a cheap wine? How much money am I willing to invest in one? The process of making a wine is always expensive, hence buying a bottle below its cost does not help the winemaker or the winery or the merchant. So let's set the bar between 5 and 10 euros. Below that price we will only hinder the dynamics that give meaning to the culture of wine and, on top of that, we will become hopeless winelovers. It's like that. The wine bug only bites once. And when it does, there's no going back.

Between 5 and 10 euros we can already find quality references that speak the language of the territory, variety, tradition and environmental commitment. Or, what is the same, cheap wines that do interest us. Here are ten examples.

Alba Balbaína

In its commitment to still white wines, Bodegas Barbadillo presents Alba Balbaína, made with the flower must of the Palomino fino grape and aged on lees. This new wine is part of the effort of the Sanluqueña winery for the production of albariza whites as a gateway to organic aging wines. To the sherries, so that we understand each other. The base of finos and chamomiles. Price: 10 euros.

Castelo Rueda Verdejo

Castelo de Medina has to its credit some of the best Verdejos in Rueda. Great wines at small prices (just over 8 euros), which is what interests us. Among the whites with the best value for money, this Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc stands out, awarded in different competitions. Fresh, but at the same time intense and long, with a very well integrated acidity that moves away from the usual "verdejeo". To fill the fridge this summer. Price: 8.60 euros.

Small Productions Chardonnay / Sauvignon Blanc

With the brand Pequeños Producciones, Bodegas Marco Real produces two monovarietals (Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc) from vineyards located in the small town Torres del Río, in the unknown Sonsierra of Navarre. The best kept secret of the winery, an area where Mediterranean, Atlantic and continental climates merge, bottled and for less than 10 euros. Price: 7.90 euros.

From left to right: Carravalseca Maceración Carbonica, Valdecuevas Rosé and Pequeños Producciones Chardonnay.

Valdecuevas Rosé

For lovers of rosé, a good, nice and cheap one. Valdecuevas Rosé stands out for the balance between the freshness of its youth and the elegant structure that the aging brings. The short passage through barrels and the combination of Tempranillo and Verdejo grapes gives it an exceptional complexity and a unique character. Ideal to combat the summer heat, and to put another color to the D.O. Rueda. Price: 8 euros.

Carravalseca Carbonic Maceration

In this price range we also find curiosities such as this young red with which Casa Primicia pays tribute to the vintage wines of a lifetime in the region of Rioja Alavesa. Very fruity, but with enough body, and the freshness of the natural bubbling that produces the carbonic maceration. Pure treat. Price: 8.50 euros.

Robert J. Mur Ecological-Organic

Drinking rich, cheap and with conscience is possible. The latest creation of Rober J. Mur is a vintage cava of ecological and organic viticulture. A brut nature committed to the environment, born in the Penedès and with a marked Mediterranean accent, which recovers the coupage of grandfather Robert and his respect for the vineyard, to ensure sustainable and sincere bubbles. Nature in the bottle. Price: 10 euros.

Viñas del Vero Pinot Noir Rosé

Suggestive, delicate and groundbreaking, this rosé from the D.O. Somontano is not just a pretty bottle. Behind its delicate color hides the meticulous care with which this wine has been made. A fine and seductive nose, a friendly texture and a simple and harmonious palate. The best ally to enjoy alone or accompanied. Of food... or people. Price: 8.50 euros.

From left. on the right: Robert J. Mur Ecològic-Organic, Infinitus Organic Gewürztraminer and Els Torrats Xarel·lo.

Els Torrats Xarel·lo

"Being happy is not a choice, it is a consequence of knowing how to enjoy life, of being cheerful and laughing, of being irreverent, funny and putting on a piripi dot when it plays." Word of Vintae. Its new fruity wine is made with the queen variety of Penedés and is perfect to uncork and celebrate at any time. No prejudice. Like the protagonists of the label. Price; 9.50 euros.

Infinitus Organic Gewürztraminer

OK, the name of this Alsatian variety is impossible to pronounce, but its enjoyment makes up for it. Native to the cool alpine slopes of Trentino-Alto Adige in northeastern Italy, this grape seems to have adapted well to the altitude of Familia Martínez Bujanda's Manchego vineyard. A very varietal, fruity, spicy, pleasant and complex white, which dares even with Asian food. Price: 5.50 euros.

Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut

The medal table of the International Wine and Spirits Challenge says that it is one of the best champagnes in the world. However, its price (a little above 10 euros, allow us the license) is as much or more appealing than its bubble. In addition, they sell it in Aldi. This famous supermarket chain is responsible for marketing it throughout the United Kingdom. And also in Spain. Price: 13 euros.

As we said, it is possible to find cheap wines that speak the language of quality. You can start giving them cane this summer.

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