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Ticket vending machine (symbolic image): In some federal states there are already discounted Germany tickets

Photo: Emmanuele Contini / IMAGO

Students are to receive a discounted Deutschlandticket at a price of 29.40 euros per month. This is the result of an initiative developed by a working group of the federal states under the leadership of Saxony. The demand was submitted to the Coordination Council for the Deutschlandticket, the Dresden Ministry of Transport announced. However, the federal government still has to approve the proposal.

"The proposed solution does not cost the federal government anything and represents an attractive simplification," said department head Martin Dulig (SPD). "Students will then be able to use public transport throughout Germany." Like the semester ticket, the ticket is to be valid for all students at a university and is to be included in their semester fee. If possible, the new offer should start in the coming winter semester.

The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) would like to extend the discounted Deutschlandticket. A nationwide ticket should not only be available for students, "there must urgently be such a ticket for trainees as well," said Achim Dercks, deputy managing director of the DIHK. They would have to get well and cheaply to places where there are many training opportunities.

In some federal states, cheaper offers of this kind are already planned. In Bavaria, for example, trainees, students and volunteers are to receive the Deutschlandticket from 1 September for a reduced price of 29 euros. Dercks said a patchwork quilt must be avoided urgently.