When it comes to digital assets like cryptocurrencies, the Internet is essential. Nearly all cryptocurrency-related interactions depend on a functioning online infrastructure. But since there's no physical currency involved in this process, many investors understandably worry about what would happen if the Internet went offline. In this guide, we'll explore what could happen in such a scenario and how individuals can protect their crypto investments even if they don't have an Internet connection. Further, you can visit Quantum AI

Is it possible to use Bitcoin without the Internet?

The Internet is an essential part of the Bitcoin network, allowing thousands of computers across the globe to update and validate transactions. However, if there were a disruption in service or connection problems with the web, this process would continue due to alternative methods of communication being used until normalcy was restored. This ensures that even though it might slow down operations overall on the network, a record of every transaction remains within all computers linked in the system.

An entire Internet blackout is extremely improbable; however, it would probably throw the whole society into turmoil. Without the Internet, the stock market might plunge because of an absence of liquidity, companies all over the globe would cease operations, and credit and debit and debit cards could be out of date. Could Bitcoin be accessed despite the craziness caused by the crisis? The great thing would be that the answer is yes.

How to use bitcoin without the Internet?


In 2017, Blockstream – a company focused on improving Bitcoin functionality – announced the launch of its Blockstream Satellite which allows users to send Bitcoin over satellite. Any individual who has just a little satellite receiver can access as well as get the Bitcoin blockchain by using this technology without having to have internet access.

This is meant to strengthen network stability whilst reducing costs associated with accessing Bitcoin transactions. Additionally, it provides users with more protection against potential internet flaws or crimes since data transmission occurs independently of internet networks.


Even without the Internet, Bitcoin transactions can still be executed using SMS messaging. Samourai Wallet is one such cryptocurrency wallet that specializes in this function, allowing users to send Bitcoin through text messages of no more than 160 characters each. The information is then split between multiple texts and combined once it reaches its destination—this service was initially devised for individuals facing Bitcoin censorship.


In 2019, two Bitcoin developers shook the industry when they successfully sent BTC over 4000 km between Toronto and San Francisco via radio waves. Using Bitcoin's Lightning Network layer 2 protocol, Rodolfo Novak of CoinKite (a Canadian firm) and Elaine Ou from Bloomberg could demonstrate what was previously believed to be impossible - a BTC transaction using meshed radio networks connected through antennas. Although laborious, this proof-of-concept opens up new possibilities for decentralized electronic currency transmission.

There's absolutely nothing to conceal because Bitcoin transactions are made public. The above-mentioned methods could be mixed to transmit transactional details, and this is what we mean by that. Not one of the other techniques has until now been able to produce a profit because of the usefulness of the Internet, nevertheless, each method ensures that Bitcoin can go on even when the Internet is switched off.

Summing Up

Bitcoin was designed with robustness and survivability in mind — a digital asset that could withstand global Internet blackouts. Even if the traditional fiat payment system takes longer to recover, the Bitcoin blockchain is held by tens of thousands of computers on its mining network which makes it resilient against total collapse scenarios. Bitcoin does depend upon the web to ease the transfer of transactional details to miners but creators have come up with alternate methods which may be used in a worst case scenario.