Europe 1 with AFP 13:41 p.m., April 01, 2023

The prosecutor's office announced this Saturday the indictment of three men for the arson of the porch of the town hall of Bordeaux, occurred on March 23. The flames had ravaged the building of the city hall, massive wooden door, now blackened.

Three men were indicted Saturday after the arson of the porch of the city hall of Bordeaux on March 23, during incidents that followed the demonstration against the pension reform, said the prosecutor's office in a statement.

A first suspect, born in 1986, was indicted for "damage to public property by incendiary substance" and "participation in a group formed for the preparation of violence" and imprisoned. He has already been convicted of 21 convictions, including two for "damage to an object of public utility," said the prosecutor of the Republic of Bordeaux Frédérique Porterie.

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Two other suspects, born in 1998 and 2004, were also indicted solely for "participation in a group formed for the preparation of violence" and placed under judicial control. The Public Prosecutor's Office appealed against their placement under judicial supervision.

Damage of €3 million

A first suspect had already been indicted for the same facts the previous Saturday. The fire on the porch of the town hall had lasted about fifteen minutes on the evening of March 23, after the end of a demonstration against the pension reform punctuated by overflows, damaging the massive wooden door of the building, before being extinguished by firefighters.

The damage is estimated at nearly 3 million euros by the town hall.