A meeting on this topic has already been held at the State Rocket Center named after Academician V.P. Makeev, which is part of the space state corporation.

As noted in Roscosmos, the main advantages of such a rocket are the low cost of launching a payload due to the reusability of the system, high launch rates, the ability not only to withdraw, but also to return cargo from orbit with a mass commensurate with the launch mass, as well as to refuel and repair objects in orbit.

The meeting participants presented reports of the main executor and cooperation enterprises with basic information on the launch vehicle. The key design solutions laid down in the product were also discussed.

They also talked about the design appearance of the main components of the launch vehicle, as well as about the planned work to confirm the technologies for their creation on mock-ups and models.

In December, okb Fakel reported that the company is developing a Russian engine with which spacecraft will be able to fly to the border of the solar system.