This week Monica Garcia has made history by becoming the first politician to call for resignation for herself.

The leader of Más Madrid has emerged as Ayuso's best campaign manager and her idea of asking for Osorio's resignation for receiving the same social bonus that she collects will go to the anthology of nonsense.

Yes, we no longer know where we have our heads: now Roma Gallardo is a woman and Marina Yers is Muslim.

In these times everything is relative: the number six of the list of Minister Darias to the City Council of Las Palmas, for example, militates in the PP.

Spanish politics is like the title of the Oscar-winning film: All at once everywhere.

Nothing is as it seems. The violinist Ara Malikian delved into the same thesis the other day at the Chester telling Risto Mejide that all conductors are frustrated soloists and that they only move their arms as anyone could. In the end the one who had to move his arms was him, to pick up cable:

As I myself no longer know what I'm telling you, I leave you with the best tweets of the week. Be good.

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