It is time of Lent and also, gastronomically speaking, of monas, Easter eggs, pestiños, bartolillos... But, above all, it is time for torrijas. It is expected that this year, the nearly 600 artisan pastry shops of the Community of Madrid will sell around seven million units, especially traditional cut and soaked in milk.

According to the results of the recently held Contest of the Best Torrijas de Madrid, carried out by the Association of Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Pastry sector of Madrid (ASEMPAS), the best traditional torrija in the Community in 2023 is the one made by the confectionery El Riojano. The local centenary sweet located in the Plaza Mayor, which sells it soaked in milk or wine, has been the winner of the sixth edition of this contest in which fifteen artisan pastry shops in the region have participated.

A total of 23 types of torrijas competed in the three categories: Traditional Torrija, Innovation Torrija and Gluten-Free Torrija, in which the jury valued the presentation, sponginess, texture, appearance and flavor.

Gluten-free toast from Pastelería La Oriental.

The torrija of the Pastelería La Oriental was the winner in the Gluten Free category. The firm, with several stores in the capital, prepares its lactose-free torrijas bread and cow's milk protein, drafts with gluten-free soy drink. For its part, Viena Capellanes has won the award for the most innovative torrija.

The contestant bakeries were: Adolfo Lazcano, Canales, Cercadillo, Dulce Consentido, El Riojano, Gallofa & Co, La Oriental, La Rosa, Mallorca, Manacor, Mifer, Paco Pastel, Sana Locura Gluten Free Bakery, Vanille Bakery Lab, and Viena Capellanes.

Vienna Torrija Chaplains.

The best torrijas of Madrid 2023 can be tasted and purchased from March 20 to April 16 in the more than 60 premises of the artisan pastry shops that have participated in the contest this year. You can follow the route here.

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