In an apartment, a resident has a parking conflict, such as demanding millions of won from the management office when an illegal parking sticker is attached to his car.

This is a story from an online community.

The writer, who lives in an apartment in Incheon, said he heard absurd demands at a resident representative meeting a while ago.

The apartment is in a situation where there is usually a lot of illegal parking due to lack of parking space, but the apartment is responding by attaching strong stickers.

In addition to this, the owner who attended the resident representative meeting said that he asked not to put stickers in the future as he came in late and left late due to his job.

He even threatened to call his friends and block the entrance to the apartment if his request was not met.

The residents' representative meeting revealed the position of 'unacceptable' to Mr. A's request.

According to the legal community, if you try to take illegal measures to block the entrance to an apartment parking lot, you may be subject to criminal punishment for general traffic obstruction and business obstruction.

(Screen source: Treasure Dream)