# Electric car fires grow quickly and are difficult to extinguish?!

On the night of December 5, 2022, a driver in his 70s died in an electric taxi that caught fire after colliding with a pillar in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province.

On the night of June 4 of the same year, an electric car running on the Namhae Expressway in Busan collided with the shock absorber of the toll booth in Seobusan and caught fire, killing the driver and passenger.

Those who witnessed the accident at the time said in one voice that the fire grew quickly immediately after the collision and that it was impossible to put out the fire because the flames were so strong that it was difficult to rescue people.

What facts do these two accidents reveal about electric car fires?

What do the on-site CCTV footage obtained by the reporters and the results of the police investigation say?

# Electric cars are less likely to catch fire than internal combustion locomotives, but more dangerous?

Social anxiety is growing as reports of electric vehicle fires follow one after another.

Which one had a higher fire rate, electric vehicles or internal combustion engine vehicles?

Also, in the event of a fire, which one has the greater risk of loss of life?

The reporters analyzed the latest statistics from various angles to objectively compare the fire risks of electric vehicles and internal combustion locomotives.

As of December last year, the number of electric vehicles registered in Korea was 390,000.

As the supply of electric vehicles increases significantly, voices calling for the urgent development of technology and system improvement to minimize the risk of electric vehicle fires grow louder. Whostory looks into the reality of electric vehicle fires through coverage of electric vehicle fire cases and seeks countermeasures with experts. .

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