Mr. Beast, a YouTuber with the number of subscribers worldwide, has taken a good deed of providing medical support for the visually impaired, but for some reason, some criticize it.

Last month, a video titled '1,000 blind people see the world for the first time' was uploaded on the YouTube channel Mr. Beast, revealing support for surgery costs for the visually impaired.

This video has been viewed more than 74 million times.

It is a warm content that supports the cost of surgery, but there are voices of criticism from some quarters, and it is a 'show' created to increase the number of views.

One netizen strongly criticized it, saying, "It's a good thing, but by producing it as content, it has become a tacky and vulgar 'charity porn'."

Some point out that in a healthy society, such videos would not have received attention in the first place, or that it is not right to leave social roles to YouTubers.

When negative public opinion began to attract attention, YouTuber Mist Beast expressed dissatisfaction through personal SNS, saying that people emphasized the social role of the rich and attacked for various reasons when they actually donated.

(Screen source: Youtube mr.beast)